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Announcing the End of Life as We Knew It (But Always Suspected...)

Announcing the End of Life as We Knew It (But Always Suspected...)

End of The World: Endless Abundance, Health, and Happiness for Everyone.

Surprised? Don't be.

Most of those who make their money by trying to scare you constantly are lying through their smiling teeth. That includes all politicians, all news media, all insurance companies, and all lawyers (but doesn't include honest used-car dealers.)

All of us who've studied self-help classics know that you create your own world with the vision you hold. There is no shortage of money, food, or well-being anywhere in the world, except where it's being created.

North Korea vs. South Korea. The poverty and lack in the North is a painful facade created by it's politicians.

When the artists who created "We Are The World" album toured the countries they raised money for, they found out that all the starvation was created by the government.

I could go on with examples of people feeling better when they quit watching the news, people who quit all junk food and eat only home-prepared meals ("home cooking") actually lose weight and regain complete health, people who put money into long-term savings instead of insurance have more to spend or invest - and (interestingly) are not the target of suit-happy lawyers.

I'll leave you instead to find your own examples.

So, why am I announcing this now?

If you've been following this blog for the years I've been writing it (and watched my prose improve, I hope) then you've known that it's actually easier to be rich than broke, simpler to be healthy than sick, cheaper to be happy than be constantly upset.

We live lives of endless anything and everything. All we want to be and have can be easily achieved, acquired, or attained.

Just read the classics. Study the non-conventional books, most of which are public domain now - and copies can be gotten for free.

Isn't that weird? It will cost you less to get endlessly rich, perfectly healthy, and constantly happy than being broke, sick, and emotionally torn.

The reason for announcing this is that I'm now going to personally do something about it that you can help with - and get help from.

My solution is a four-element system anyone can learn and use.

1) Clear your Mind.
2) Clear your Body.
3) Clear up the Value you give others.
4) Clear up the Bliss you seek.

This isn't for everyone. In fact, I'd say that this exact route isn't for anyone but me. The reason is: it won't work the same way on any two people.

I'm creating a library of books and courses for each of these four areas. In addition to all those I already have recovered and re-published.

The purpose of that library is to give you tools so you can build your own route out of this mess which calls itself a civilization. This is a library of tools, of potential solutions.

It's up to you to work out how to put them together in your own personal fashion to achieve what you want out of life.

Because we are all individuals - and that is the Babel which has kept religions and philosophies and dogmas from working. Set, pat theories and studies only work for the writer or founder. They don't work exactly the same for anyone else, even if they have an "identical" twin brother or sister.

No two people are the same - or they'd be able to stand in exactly the same place and time - and merge. But then they'd be one, wouldn't they?

That same problem says why you have to find your own way out of the mess we've all helped create.

My job has been to find my own - and then offer the basics of it to you and yours so that all of us can do the same.

Even while the rest of the world goes to flaming hell.

Sorry for them. Good for us. Reason we aren't them? Because we want to get better

The people around you who are constantly critical are also physically ill, live from paycheck to paycheck, and aren't too happy about anything.

Throughout history, those who seek only to help everyone around them to improve their lives have always had more than enough to get whatever they actually needed and wanted. They seldom had problems with health, and were satisfied with their lot in life.

Is that too simple? Check it out - don't believe anything I say.

When will this library be available for study?

Over the next few weeks, I'll be setting this system up for anyone to access.

The funny thing is that I can't give it away, even while I want to.

Because like freedom, health, and happiness - they are all native to every individual: but what we have given to us, we don't value. What we will pick up and study are those things we have to work and pay for.

Since I'm already financially free, I don't need the money. (Any profits I get immediately are devoted to promoting these courses world wide. Once World Peace breaks out permanently, maybe I'll start giving it to charities who prove they can actually put it to use, not just spend it on bigger buildings at Headquarters - I dunno at this point.) The real point is to get all this material, with all the summaries and all the courses, into the hand of people who understand its value and will start applying it in their lives.

Then the world will be a better place, even faster than it's already moving towards.

Only about 1% of the world will need to do these courses.

The reason being is that this amount can be the tipping point to achieve World Peace.

If you think about it, the only reason we've had wars were based on economic, dogmatic (both political and religious), and various other lies.

Malthus was the first to hold an Economics chair in any university - and did it based on faulty science that "there would never be enough to go around."  Most all economic and financial theories since then have parroted that squirrelly conclusion in one way or another.

The two greatest civilizing influences in the world have been Christianity and Buddhism, both of which were based on understanding yourself and the people around you. (I'd include Islam in this, except it's currently being shanghaied by crazy extremists who are busy destroying their own kind and trying to get the rest of the world to join in. Until those believers reform that "religion", they will continue to die at their own hands as they have through history.)

With our modern "sciences" and technologies, the cracks in our "civilization" seem to be rapidly getting wider. Unfortunately, like the exaggerated news stories about it, that conclusion is just as false.

Civilization is based on mutual cooperation - which results in enough peace and rule of law that commerce can exist. It doesn't depend on governments. It does depend on enough people being certain about their own esteem that they can invest in the welfare of people around them - openhandedly.

(Under that logic, it can be argued that pets - especially dogs - might have used their unconditional love to bring humans out of their violent Stone Age into our modern times. Joke - or not?)

The End Times Cometh

Various people have calculated that just by getting 1% of the world to simply get on board with any particular belief would cause that belief to cascade through the rest of the world.

All that needs to be done in our modern "Internet Age" is to make these materials readily available to everyone.

But, as I said - that's already been done.

The problem is that people don't know what they don't know.

We could quickly and easily achieve world peace for the minority of this planet which are in seemingly endless conflict with themselves and everyone else. (You did know that only a tiny percentage of the world's land mass is actually involved in battles at any given time - that there is more peace "breaking out" through the world now than any time in history?)

All we have to do is to finish up the job of getting the rest of the needed 1% of the people around us to start causatively learning and applying the material which has always made people free, rich, and contented.

Funny, huh?

Somehow, I've backed myself (and you) into becoming evangelists for this stuff.

Even though it's already free, and available on smartphones all over the world.

It's an awareness we need to change. 

Yes, this is already bringing about the end of national news networks. It's already making our food healthier (Pepsi and Coke have sales problems, as well as McDonald's). It's already affecting the bottom line of Monsanto and other corporations who are flagrantly violating Natural Law (but not local man-made ones - because you can always buy off a politician...)

Nature has interesting ways of enforcing itself, not always pleasant ones.

The point is if you are reading this, you've already come to suspect what I've said. (Kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy.) But true, regardless of any belief you have held, any color of anyone's skin, any particular mental mindset you've agreed with up to this point.

Now the world starts changing faster than it already has. 


The whole point to these lessons is to help that change become more enjoyable and more entertaining.

You'll get richer, healthier, and happier. It's also inevitable.

Because the world we used to know is over. A new one is taking its place.

Our job is to enjoy the ride.


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