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How to Master the "Strangest Secret"

Secrets to perpetual success are all around you - just sit and think for awhile.

(Yeah, another gorgeous landscape money can't buy...)

Just getting going on yet another incredible project - to build a backend so you can find out all this material I have on your own pace.

It hit me during this, well -- OK, it was another dream that woke me up and so I sit here on my computer in the early hours writing it up so you can find it and improve your life. Yes, that's what I do - but only thank me if it turns out to really be helpful.

The equation that runs life is this:

Thoughts = Stuff.

What you have thought so far has resulted in the stuff around you. If you want better stuff in your life, then you need to change how you're thinking.

Yes, it's that simple.

Of course, there are a few catches to it - always is, I guess.

Napoleon Hill worked it out as:

"Whatever a person can conceive and believe, they can achieve."

So the equation format of this would be:

Conceive => Believe => Achieve.

The point of this is that those thoughts you really believe to be true - what you put your faith in - is what takes place around you.

And that is the bottom line to "The Secret" movie and that Law of Attraction.

The old Emerald Tablet had it (roughly translated) as "As within, so without."

There are other authors such as Christian Larson (of Optimist Creed fame) who wrote entire books on that one concept.

The point is that this is one of those core datums which keeps popping up, and explains everything through the ages. Just as you consider life to be, so it is. How you believe life works is even more potent.

Earl Nightingale got his big start when he recorded "The Strangest Secret." In this Gold record, he tracked this one concept back through all manner of people who said the same thing - Shakespeare, Voltaire, Norman Vincent Peale, tons of people.

But mainly he credited Napoleon Hill, with the summary statement (and the actual Strangest Secret) as: "We become what we think about."

Hill in turn got it from the 500 world leaders he interviewed over 20 years, starting with steel magnate Andrew Carnegie.

One of the people he credited with the success of his Foundation (which still exists today) was Charles F. Haanel ("Master Key System")

Haanel in turn can be traced to Thomas Troward ("Edinburg Lectures") - who studied all the major religions in their own language when he was a Judge in provincial India. (A more readable version is from his sole student Genevieve Behrend.)

And if you boil these religions down, you'll find they all have in common some version of the Golden Rule - as you treat others you will be treated.

Many of those can be traced as being influenced by the oldest known surviving practiced life philosophy - now called "Huna" - which has at its core 7 principles, the major one being

"The World is What You Think It Is."

Now you can see how this all traces back through the ages right up to where you are now, sitting and reading all this stuff.

The key point being, that no matter how it's phrased, it still comes back to the point that 

Thoughts = Stuff.

Your point is now to work with this and make it your own. Test this thoroughly for yourself - don't take my or anyone else's word for it. See if this is true for your own life. If you have a day where you are being critical, does this bring in people saying critical comments to you? If you act badly toward a person, or a pet (or any livestock), do you get more or less trust from them in return? If you act with openhanded giving, does what you really want start showing up in your own life?

It's going to have to be your own test - I can't do it for you from here. (Although, as always, you have my best prayers to go with you.)

Main thing being is that something told me today to let you know this again. 

Something in your own life brought this blog post to you and you've read it up to this point.

Does that mean, just maybe, that you should do something with this concept this time?

Sure, those links go to books I've published. And guess what - it's so you can get the data to improve your life. (If you want the printed versions instead of ebooks, punch around on my Lulu bookstore and you can find them.)

But if you get these books on your smartphone - and study them regularly - some of the details about how you change your thinking in order to change the life around you may rub off.

I'm putting together a site with some apps that will help you along this line.

Meanwhile, if you haven't already, you've got some studying (and thinking) to do.

Good Hunting!
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