Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Letting Go and Letting God - Explained

There's this big Bell Curve going on in the General Public which affects your life - or can, if you let it.

bell curve

I believe I've gone over this before: there are some people who are creatively solving more than their fair share of problems on this planet. This is the same number/class of people who start businesses and employ the masses. They also get ribbed about being the "1%" who are "unfairly" earning the top income on this planet (note that the one's doing the complaining weren't themselves running businesses, having jobs, or particularly helping the planet's conditions.)

There is likewise another small portion of this planet who are its "usual suspects" as they are responsible for most of the crime and mayhem which goes on. The supposed "criminal genius" lies in this world - but they are not as smart as given credit. Like the Whitey Bolger trial, they are shown mainly to be ruthless, cold, and inhuman. Other people don't really exist to them.

Good usually wins out mainly because the criminally insane few are also destroying their own lives as they work to destroy everything around them. So they actually get sick more frequently, and make decisions which will cause them to self-destruct.

The upper end of the "good guys" is filled with the enlightened, who usually are never spotted or seen - their world view is very peaceful, and that is nothing which sells what passes for "news" these days. The world around them is quite peaceful. 

In between, you can have genius and clever types, but the ability to think quickly has little to do with how enlightened or criminal they are. Agreement with the world around them does. 

In that bell curve, you have the Pareto principle, where 20 percent of clients are generating 80 percent of the income. Taking 20 percent of 20 percent will wind you up with the top-spenders - about 4 percent. The math works out to support another observation of a break-point at 97% and 3%. This last break comes up in marketing and other areas repeatedly. 

That 3 percent is where we find our magnates of commercial success, and the other end - our Whitey Bolger's.

How this affects you, is to only surround yourself with a "Master Mind" of people who are constantly working to improve the world around them. You are looking for people who are not critical, but supportive. They know that to have a vision and push it forward will attain results.  

Basically, these people live successful and peaceful lives. 

And you work to slide out of your life all people who are constantly or frequently critical.

One great tool to use is Releasing. Spot how they are working to control, approve, or secure your life - as well as what group they are trying to get you to join. Let all of this go. Keep spotting and releasing and they'll move right out of your life. Or they'll change and start to be more supportive.

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A side note: Releasing can also be thought of as letting be as is. It can be said that people are already perfect, and letting go of any effort to change them would just let them be as they are.

This would also be in the phrase Letting Go and Letting God...

May all your days be filled with joy.
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