Monday, December 16, 2013

How Copywriting Helped Me Make Sense of the World-As-It-Is

It was studying marketing that gave me clues to how people think and act - as ridiculous we may look to each other...

I'm working through a book called "Breakthrough Advertising" by Eugene Schwartz, and finding all sorts of fascinating stuff about how we set this whole scene up.

People who buy stuff to "look good" has always amused me. Mainly as I was brought up by parents who survived the Depression as children and themselves raised a big brood of kids on  a farm. So we were brought up with a concept of "make do, do over, or do without."

Sure, we had Christmas presents, but no weekly allowance. (As a note - that's not how you raise kids to be rich - they have to handle money and learn to save and invest on a regular basis.)

But I turned out alright. Now I'm working on manifesting my millions (as a game, nothing serious) and that lead me to a study of copywriting.

It seems people get their identity from stuff they buy. Or at least it's one way to get the universe around you mirroring what you want people to think about you.

Of course, with anyone who's been through Releasing to the point of "Hootlessness" this is a bit funny.

I was studying T. Harv Eker recently and he said that many people when they got their financial freedom just bought what they needed to live a comfortable life and re-invested the rest, not really using it for much. They might buy swanky big stuff and houses to begin with, but eventually down-sized to just what they needed.

Top-dog millionaires usually tend to become philanthropists once they've made all the goals they wanted out of life. Andrew CarnegieJohn D. Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett - these are all good examples.

That brings us back around to how keeping your releasing going as an always-on scene (to make it an automatic function of your life) will ultimately get you into a Hootless state - and while you'll have all the money you could need or want, it won't define you. Factually, you'll surround yourself with just the possessions you actually need to help others go free.

Because you start living for everyone else. Self is important, but not "yourself."

Possessions become funny.

- - - -

That's my lesson for today.

Have a Happy Now.

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