Wednesday, August 07, 2013

How to Make Sense of Getting RIch and Why

Life is a series of interrupted Nows, viewed by Self...

...interrupted by temporary amnesia called "sleep" - and, a longer deeper amnesia called "death."

Neither are permanent, either in forgetfulness, nor result. 

From this view, I'm still making sense of things. Similar to "making it all up as I go along" (which is closer to truth than most people recognize.)

Getting Rich is simply letting your natural abundance come forward into Now. And that is simply a way to let all the old patterns be as they were and just drop away. The old patterns you are hanging onto is what affects your Now. Let them go as you discover them to be non-optimal.

Levenson pointed this out a while ago, that a person is already perfect, while they surround themselves with mocked up imperfections. 

Jesus the Christ (in the Aramaic Matthew Gospel) said: "Be ye therefore perfect, as your Father who is in heaven is perfect!" 

Getting rich (or "getting" anything) is simply tuning your mind to existing vibratory states so you can more readily recognize and let go of non-optimal programs you're still holding onto. 

Napoleon Hill had this in one of his later chapters, the idea of the brain as an antenna.

People turn on the radio and fill themselves constantly with music or talk shows which then bring those programs to the front.

If you had recordings of books which were uplifting and inspiring, then this is what you'd tune your consciousness to. (And is the main point to Jose Silva's active meditation - being able to focus.)

There are a few books I recommend to get rich - which are those who have been there, done that:

Two of these have to deal with Network Marketing, which is the most highly leveraged business-format currently.

Plug these into your scene and watch the changes happen...
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