Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Why Obi Wan Kenobi Failed - and How to Succeed at Life

Ever wonder why those who followed the Dark Side were always horrible to look at?

Dark Side

Well, some of that is Hollywood.

The philosophy people who follow and use any philosophy based on fear will ultimately destroy themselves.

If you pull fear out of the equation, then only love remains. Destructive impulses are replaced with creative ones.

This leads to Levenson.

From Feng Shui and Beyond:
Lester Levenson also discovered that every want we have comes down to 4 basic wants: 
  1. wanting safety/security, 
  2. wanting love/approval, 
  3. wanting control, and 
  4. wanting separation. 
And that if you could eliminate the wanting feelings you would be truly and ultimately happy, with no limitations, no attachments and no aversions. You could be, do, or have anything. 
Levenson  went further to describe that the underlying root of these was based in fear, that the chief fear was that of Death.

Of course, this has commonalities in the books which describe Natural Law, such as Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich. He devotes a chapter to ridding fear, although he wrote nearly 20 years before Levenson made his breakthrough.

This is why, at this juncture, we have all the tools needed to break free of these self-perpetuating cycles of humankind limits.

Freedom is based on love. From this, one can generate peace and harmony as well. One's life can be simple, abundant, productive, creative. And this thread can run through your existence from the beginning to far beyond any "end".

People can learn this by "un-learning" the false training they've had earlier which have kept them in this scene.

People who are being killed in wars across this planet right now, as I write this and as you read this, are dying because of their beliefs. They believe in their fears more than they believe in their ability to love and create.

You need not follow government (or trust them further than you can throw them... ;) ) As they come to power based on fear and the four points above. Belief in government leads to failure. Belief in personal ability leads to success.

What passes for "News" is solely based on the above four points, and instilling/reinforcing fear of Death at every turn.  But with the Internet, you can craft your own "news feeds" and subscribe to those who are constructive and positive and peaceful in their data.

Right now I am hard at work developing the means where a person can live anywhere on the planet they can get an Internet connection, and no longer need the "supports" (limitations) of what passes for modern society.

Were an entire culture to develop on this, they could not be enslaved or coerced. They would be the freest people in history. Such freedom spreads, much like a virus. It has no defence.

It is built on knowledge.

All the tools are there.

You just have to pick them up, learn how to sharpen and use them, and then any creation you could possibly need or want will appear for you.

Just the way it is.

But try it for yourself and see...
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