Monday, September 23, 2013

Success is Inevitable - Just Listen

The World is Busy Telling You How to Succeed - CanYou Hear?

Life is telling you how to survive better - if you just give a listen...

Releasing is a very fun game, and it tells us that the world isn't serious out there. Factually, the world - the entire universe, actually - is really telling you at every turn how to do this and that, how to improve such and so, different ways to do just everything and anything.

Yes, that is the way it is.

Proof? Well, actually I can't. You'll have to do this for yourself.

The logic of it can constructed: 97% of everyone and everything out there is trying to survive more than they are trying to succumb.  The vast bulk of humanity, as well as all their creations, and all living things (and the jury is still out on inanimate objects) - the vast bulk of everything out there can be considered a metaphor, an extension of your own consciousness. And unless you are killing yourself off, you're trying to live.

So you are constantly feeding yourself solutions, hints, helping tips.

"The world is what you think it is." 

So - whaddyathink? If you want to start hearing more solutions to every problem in your life - maybe try this:

Quit reacting and let go. 

Just be in the moment and absorb the lessons around you.

See if that doesn't start improving your life.

Of course, you don't have to accept any of the lessons you find. And you certainly don't have to accept this.

Yes, it's just you giving yourself another clue...
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