Monday, September 16, 2013

The Saints Walk Among Us

Who said Jesus hasn't already returned?

Urban Saint

There's a concept of "living in grace" - which is a high ideal to reach for, if not the highest personal ideal one can hold.

This state is where releasing takes you to. Perpetual, always-on grace.

But we can learn many more things from Jesus' life. Sure, that whole martyr thing made its point. What if instead, we created a small army of people - say, 1% of the population who learned and lived as Jesus did - bringing peace to everyone they met, healing people as they could, and spreading the word that one could live in grace all the time, no strife, complete abundance?

Some hold (and I couldn't tell you right now where this came from) that as little as 1% will make intense changes on this planet.

But it isn't following that failed "hand-out" scene that American society has foisted off on government. Sure, charity works - from individuals. It's really the teach a person to fish instead of constantly handing out fish.

See, the point of grace is to earn it for yourself. It's not an "over there" scene or something you can get from dressing up and visiting a certain building once a week.

You have to live this stuff 24-7-365. As you practice, you become permanently perfect.

Releasing, meditation - these form the road to always-on grace.

All I say is that it's very probable that the saints already walk among us - and when we believe it, we will see it.

How many have you seen recently? Time to become one? Better late than never...
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