Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The Secret to World Peace is - Network Marketing!

You probably won't believe that MLM could end all wars...

Gift of Peace

So here's the logic of it (all carefully worked out between waking and dreaming):

What keeps countries from going to war with each other is the ability to sell and trade with each other. That was observed with McDonald's and also with the manufacturing chain of Dell Computers (I believe this was in a book by the same author as "The Lexus and the Olive Tree")

The great part about Network Marketing is that it's international in scope these days. And people are able to make extra money on their own by getting out and talking to people, delivering great value to them and helping them learn to run their own business. (The latter is the real reason for the success of MLM - people go onto earning income on their own.)

So the more we have people talking to each other, the more they find something in common and generally get along better. 

MLM success depends on making certain minimums each month, so it keep you at the business of finding customers and distributors...

With the Internet, people can have wide-spread and diverse "downlines" and "uplines" all over the globe. And with the knowledge they have, they can buy and sell materials and have them shipped from anywhere to anywhere. 

The bottom line to any commerce is service. Which means to earn money, you have to do or give something of  value to someone else. The greater the value, the more likely that customer will turn into a client and come back to you forever for more of the same. Money is just a symbol, something which meaning is assigned by the people using it (not the government).

So the more people talk to each other, and the more they find in common, the more they depend on giving service to people around the globe, the less likely they are going to fight with strangers. 

Online MLM then, is the action we can do to improve the world and make it more peaceful.

(Oh - and if you want to deal with politicians, the best weapon you have is laughter. Hits them where it hurts worst. Think about it.)
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