Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Two Sides of Living Which Haunt Your Dreams

I didn't ask to wake to this, neither did you - but is it a choice?

There is living, which is composed of the physical and the spiritual. You can't really separate the two.

Because they are linked by something we call "mind." You can't use your physical senses to perceive mind, but you can "sense" it. Some can even sense the presence of other minds - but the jury is out whether it's just one Self and the rest are compartments, like some virtual machine running in a made-up "box."

While the physical, by all legends, myths, and philosophies, was created to keep us occupied - a game is a good metaphor - the spiritual is more unexplored and also just keeps going seemingly forever.

Like the astronomers who build bigger and bigger telescopes - they just keep finding more to see. So it is when you look "within" to find any limits to the spiritual side of you - there aren't any. Not really.

Just as "there are no limits" between you and I and anyone/everyone else.

However, politicians/government, media, most business, and anything that people complain about - they all hold these limits to be more real than their own dreams, hopes, and loves.  They are playing the game of "control", "power", anything represented by that intangible symbol "Money."

Complaining is a way to make things separate from you  and so play a game with them as an opponent or competitor.

At the end of the day, you sleep. Then all this disappears for a time.

The next day, you recreate this game again.

In between, it is said that you have been creating other worlds and existences.

People who "die" in their sleep have been said to simply find a better game to play.

Yet death may be an incredibly better world - Google the last words of Steve Jobs, or read/watch "What Dreams May Come."

People fear death -  and base all their emotions on this single fear - as they have this power of choice to "be an individual" and "make their own destiny" (or as politicans and the media have it: "leave a legacy.")

Just games to play.

Try this: Play the Game of Peace. You'll end up having to start with finding/creating peace within yourself, first. You cannot enjoy peace around you if you are involved in internal turmoil and discussion.

Perhaps, once you find that "peace is portable," then you'll see that World Peace has always only been a single thought away - and it surrounds you as it always had.

For any person is their own worst competitor, their own Nemesis.

The "power" used against you is only that which you grant others - which means you create it in order to play this physical game which surrounds us.

At the end of the day, it all dissolves and you sleep again - the dream-worlds you create are based on how you treated the world you lived in all day. For the most part, anyway.

As we are all connected, perhaps you are also solving someone else's problems, someone else's created world as you "sleep" in this one.

The world is as you think it to be.

Pleasant dreams...

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