Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Evolving Scientology - Part Two

Getting to the basic lies Scientology was built from.

Most of this is common knowledge. But it took studying banned (squirrel) authors to sort it all out.

Please bear with me if you have already been here, done that.

In the early 1950's there were three researchers in the Southwestern U.S. sorting out how to improve humanity. Lester Levenson had a personal revelation which  left him in a very high state of ability - after nearly dying. Jose Silva started with his training in electronics to study the mind and resolve situations in people's lives. Ron Hubbard was putting his following back together after his Dianetics fiasco in Kansas - and was founding Scientology.

The first two of these were working to solve humankind's long-held embedded problems. The last was figuring out how to make money by creating a group of super-humans.

Scientology's main interminable itch is it's core belief that some cat named Xenu put people in volcano's on this planet some 75 million years ago and blew them all up. This gave people body thetans and clusters of them which cause all sorts of problems. This one incident is also the core material for all their secret levels.

And has been out for years, even published in the L.A. Times. (No one ran crazy into the streets from reading it, however.)

Separately, at least one author has documented that Hubbard was experimenting with drugs during this time, quite different from already being known as paranoid-schizophrenic.

As well, it's also been documented that Hubbard was out to make money and forming a church structure was his way around the IRS. (Scientology still has the odd reputation of the only religion approved by the IRS.)

However, that's not the core problem which should have been addressed.

Basic on the chain for a long time appeared to be the fear of death, but is actually the belief that one could lose their individuality. Rather, the older and more workable datum is that we are all interconnected - and that the bulk of our problems come from trying to stay separate.

The more we treat people the way we'd like to be treated, the better everyone gets along and the stresses in our lives fall away - as well as any mentally-instigated illnesses.

That is the bottom line and is something that Hubbard touched on, but ignored as basic. His problem was creating something which could be trademarked and protected as a trade secret so the money would keep coming in.

And corporate Scientology still depends on the 50,000 or so members internationally to finance all their big buildings and fancy celebrations every year. Even though their secret's been out for years.

The bigger secret was hidden in plain site all over the place: the Golden Rule.

There's a bug in the ointment as well - their e-meter can be rendered unworkable the closer you get to clearing yourself with this concept. As you see we are all interconnected, and begin practicing this in your own life, either the meter will cease to register anything as charged (which was the original statement of clearing End Phenomenon) or it will start bringing up other's problems as charged, which will go nowhere.

The recurring End Phenomenon found all through Scientology is to just take responsibility for having created (mocked up) the problem to begin with.

Being responsible for self is the ticket out and is the real way to clear this planet.

- - - -

The advice for Scientologists? Drop your current management completely and let the local organizations manage themselves. They'll either sink or swim. Get the public into the organizations and get their feedback on how they'd like to be treated and then start doing that.

There may or may not be support for these big buildings and higher services.

Up to you do decide.
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