Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What Makes Sense - where emotion and logic meet...

Another breakthrough - making sense out of the non-sensical.

Meeting de Toulouse.
Strange bedfellows...

Just working along the other day, this time in studying copywriting - and found an interesting approach to things.

For too long, I've isolated myself from many things which simply didn't make sense to me. A lot of social conventions such as drugs, popular music, sports - these I either ignored or tolerated if I had to. (Drugs, much easier to stay away from - well, maybe if you exclude coffee and donuts.)

Recently, it came to me - especially going down some classic works in copywriting and advertising - that there is a definition of "sense" which has been missing.

Sense is where emotion and logic agree.

In any sales page, they have you make an emotional decision based on benefits and then give you enough logical features to justify your decision.

Of course, it's taken a decade of relative isolation to come to that conclusion - unclouded by all the intense amount of jabbering that takes place in cities (well, excepting that last U.S. election cycle - which was disappointing to everyone for none of the same reasons.)

This can be looked at with both right- and left-brained logic (which are obviously metaphors.)

When you get these both working in sync, then you have something which enables you to survive better. This is the road to happiness - or at least, a general feeling of satisfaction.

And now we also have a real meaning for "common sense." This is based on observing what is going on around you, but that sensing is done on many levels. It brings up Serge Kahili King's 4 levels of Analysis - Objective, Subjective, Holistic, and Symbolic.

Sorting out things around you with those four will tend to sync things for you - as long as they all align. Of course, you don't have to do that, but these give you options of how to process things happening around you.

Common sense would be a set of patterns where your own experience is sorted out completely. You have patterns which are very survival for the area you live in and around.  City folks lack sense in the country (I recall high-heels being worn on gravel paths in winter.) And rural residents will often shy away from much travel in cities as they are confronted by so much to process so quickly - their established patterns won't keep up easily.

But you can live anywhere.

This means a global common sense is possible - not for every single thing that happens, but for continuing trends.

I'll leave you with that for now.

Luck (and peace) to us all.

PS. Look for a few new books coming out - one on the underlying story-telling premise of marketing...
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