Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The Shortcut to Successful Living

There are two techniques to master - in tandem - to find unlimited success.


Sometimes, I still get frustrated with the lack of progress toward my goals. This is when I have all sorts of emotions flood in and then have to release them, etc.

Of course, that's taking valuable time away from my constructive work - which would make my chosen success appear.

Because anything ANYTHING besides a calm, cheerful expectant attitude is just slowing you down. Even worrying or having the slightest attention on your success "not already being here" is keeping you away from simply having it appear.

Natively, you're surrounded by anything and everything you could possibly want or need.

The trick is to drop any attention tidbits  you may be holding onto about anything.

And that means Anything - and everything.

It's that singular attitude you want - a calm, cheerful expectancy.

The two techiniques are:

1. Silva Method - learn to "go to alpha" quickly and easily.

2. Release Technique - learn to let go of the universe.

When you do both of these, then you have a quick way to become "centered" again - and back to your normal creative self. Everything else, all other attitudes or emotions are just wasting your resources and tying up your time with distractions.

Try it for yourself.

Release everything associated with the physical universe - all that stuff you've been putting there for so long, all the perceptions, attitudes, emotions, pain - everything.

Then your native calm reasserts itself - because you're no longer resisting it.

Don't take my word for it. You have to believe it before you'll see it - but it's there for the testing.

See if this doesn't help you with any goal you may be pursuing...
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