Monday, March 18, 2013

The Missing 5th Factor - Which Solves All Problems

Warning: Advanced Metaphysics - Strap On Your Giant "Thinking" Boots

We're going to take some steps today which are quite a bit beyond the "ordinary" - but explains humankind existence as we know it.

As usual, this was derived from a dream. It's not what was in the dream, but what the dream "told" me.

Let's take this simple logic:
  • All of us individualities are derived from Self.
  • Self is know-all (been there, done that - even before it "happens.")
  • Reality itself is a fiction (Maya).
  • "We're" mostly here for entertainment in its myriad forms.
And next, let me drop in a very nice book, even though his rationale is flawed: "Start With Why" by Simon Sinek.

His point is that we build the best businesses when they have a leader surrounded by "How" guys - who himself runs on a big "Why" that can motivate others to follow.

His examples are Ford, Wal-Mart, Apple, etc. All of which had visionary founders.

The fatal flaw of this book is that he hasn't heard about Levenson, so explains everything in terms of brain theory (obviously doesn't believe in Napoleon Hill, either.)

But the principle itself doesn't need support. Empirically, it works.

A fifth leg to stand on

My favorite system is always built on fours - as the lowest-common-denominator, I know that a system which has these minimal number of elements will succeed as a system. I've also always said that there could be additional points. 

Current system I'm working with is Mind-Body-Value-Purpose. And that will (and has) built very powerful and long-lasting businesses and empires. You can trace it if you want.

But let's get back to the Self again, and all these myriad individualities which are mostly working to keep themselves entertained. Solutions are found in computing by throwing multiple machines running the same code at a problem. One of the (fairly) workable metaphors for this scene of Self creating so many billions of individualities is that there's a problem to solve - and so a massively paralleled computing matrix (no accidental term) was created. A clustered supercomputer, to put a name on it.

Of course, since we all only have a part of this, we can't see the whole problem - which would obviously be beyond the ken of a single humankind mind (see Wikipedia article on Maya again).

And that gives me a plausible excuse for this argument - and all metaphysics - which is that it's just a nice daydream. (At least I'm keeping myself occupied and out of everyone's way...)

Randomity is needed for entertainment. Humor comes from the unexpected entered into a line of thought. Plot twists are what keeps a fiction story working. Shifting to a different character's viewpoint is another fiction tool, which also works for boardroom presentations. 

A five-pointed system would be the next stable form. Its model would simply be a tetrahedron built into a diamond shape, by extending another point outward from any face.

The fifth point is Imagination.

The ultimate universal solvant

Consider that idea for awhile.

If you solved all the universe's riddles, and could create any success you want - what would happen? 

Boredom. No reason to exist any more. 

So why exist at all? Throw some sheer randomity into it, and you then have something to respond to. Of course, you also then have to say you "don't know" what's going to happen. And so the story begins.

The test of this is in the application. 

Imagination is another talent or ability which can be re-discovered. It's one of the first things which is trained out of most people. But the one thing which drives all artists - and now, as we find out, the biggest corporations. It's also known as "Vision".

Which brings us full circle back to New Thought of the 1920's, and "Think and Grow Rich" (which was written in 1937 out of "Law of Success", which debuted in the '20's.)

The trick is to separate this concept out from "Purpose". You are now addressing the ultimate random comparisons possible, while Vision and Purpose are generally worked up as very set goal-type arrangements. (Purpose being a consistent-doingness-which-feels-good, and Vision being a consistent-havingness-which-feels-good. Of course, a reminder to separate emotions from feelings as you think down this line.)

So "Imagination is probably the best word for this 5th element.

The solution to world peace

Now, we have our hands on exactly what it would take to solve this planet and enable a true global paradise to exist. And the problem with all man-made/envisioned perfect worlds, is that they are stale. 

If you see the movie "What Dreams May Come", there's quite a revelation of what "Heaven" is like - mostly generated out of thought. 

You don't see anyone at war or doing violent acts to each other. (You don't see any government, either). But people are flying in the air, changing forms, and having all sorts of adventures. Those who are "doomed" to live in torment exist in their own area. But it's all a matter of thought.

I add this post here as the most appropriate place for it. 

Try it for yourself.

What I'm up to otherwise...

That gives me the final "leg up" I've needed. So I now have the system to work with, and all the tools I need. The problem I needed to solve was boredom. With that worked out, we can now move forward. Visionary stuff, obviously. 

But I'll need a few good people who want to join the fun.

The premise we'll be working on: To enable anyone to regain all the personal freedom they really want. 

If this resonates with you, email me.

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