Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Discipline of the Optimal Solution

Consider this concept:

Take a blank piece of paper. Make a pinhole in it.

That is the model for all knowledge, all understanding, all the universe(s) as you know it/them.

This inspiration was a one that came, again, in the middle of the night - prompting me to rise and write.

There is the ages-old idea of the optimal solution. Like the universal solvent, it simply resolves everything it touches. And that is where this story started.

For if one wants to live forever, if one wanted to have infinite peace, abundance without limit - all these things. You'd soon find that they are themselves limited, if not a limit, in themselves. 

In both Silva Method and Release Technique, they bump up against Self - leading us to the point that when you can have everything and anything you want, you don't really need to have, do, or be anything at all. 

You simply don't have to - anything, anyone, any any.

And that is the bottom line of Huna, the bottom line of self-help and spiritual training, all Campbell was looking for with his "Hero of a Thousand Faces." It is the first section of the Tao - which is all you really have to read of that classic work to fully "grok" its essence.

I give you, in this blog, the five points of knowledge understanding - five sets of tools - which you can easily apply to take you beyond any humanoid needs or wants. Beyond the necessity of any identity or individuality.
  • Napoleon Hill and New Thought
  • Release Technique
  • Silva Method
  • Huna Kapua
  • Joseph Campbell and his "Hero of a Thousand Faces" monomyth plot.

Each of these, as individual pieces, are flawed. Together, they can/may form a synergistic system which can/will give you anything you desire - and then erase that desire.

For you find that there is only Self and only Now. But you then find that there is a complete world beyond those as well.

And that is the pinhole in that paper.

"Zen" is simply balancing on the edge of that hole. That is "The Zone".

When you move off that point to one side or the other, then you are simply on one side or the other.

Of course, you can really "blow your mind" to consider the concept that there is an infinity of infinities of "sides" out there away from that point-which-is-no-point.

And once you grok the fullness of that, then life is completely simple.

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