Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Until we meet again...

Looks like we're wrapped up here.

I can't see from this level that there are many more tools to give you. All that's left of this path is the walking.

But of course, I reserve the right to make observations from time to time - however, I'll probably include these into my cartooning. Since I've already gone off the "deep end" as far as the general public are concerned, it's simple to just leave "crazy" comments below the funny pictures.

When I looked over a preliminary PDF (yes, I'm working to get this into a more usable and final format), it showed up that I've been working to get "back" into cartoons for some 5 or 6 years (practically, my entire life). That's just a common theme with me.

The trick was that I had to get something done.

And that was this final reorganization and crossover work I had to wrap up.

Now, it's done. So there.

The final piece was in separating native states from emotions, using the body as a divining rod to see how you're doing toward your own intuitive goals. For all that counts is how you feel about your current existence. Past doesn't matter, it's done. Future never comes. Only the Now really exists - and it's fleeting.

But I leave you all this wealth of data (over 300 posts covering 5 years). Just take your time and don't get an upset stomach trying to digest it all at once.

Good Hunting!

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