Friday, August 14, 2015

The Maslow Breakthrough

Busy lately - extremely.

I've been getting a new site ready, promoting it in advance, and helping an author in India get self-published even though he has to crowd into an Internet cafe to do his work.

The breakthrough you should know about is using Maslow as a plan or a series of steps to map out your route to freedom.

Of course, you can say that a map or route isn't necessary - that Freedom simply is. And you'd be right. You'd also see that that is from the view of someone who has already been there, done that.

And that viewpoint is a very extreme minority of people, about one out of a few million (which is being very charitable.)

The reason you need a roadmap or journey guidebook is for those who still consider themselves very un-free - and feel they need such a metaphor in order to travel their journey.

Marketing means having such a metaphoric roadmap available.

Because marketing is inviting people onto that journey which they are already on.

Circular, yes?

That's the universe we live in, that we invented, that we continue to create.

The marketing of this new site - one which trains people how to live sensical - now has a map to follow, a plan to create the steps which people would need to take in order to move to higher levels.

They would simply assess where they are operating from and then apply the necessary studies to improve their lot. Taken, of course, that they want to improve.

- - - -

My current scene is to fulfill the bliss I've inherited somehow - to return with the boon I discovered years ago.

All the pieces are here, now. The relevance of a great many of them haven't been fully realized.

I see now that these will be revealed - much as "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

This is how the alignment of Maslow's Pyramid came to me this morning.

And, as usual, this now opens huge doors to progress. That gives us a comparative that now sets the scene for success by everyone who wants to travel.

Again, I wanted you to know first. You've got the link to what I'm working on now. Hopefully, in a week or so I'll have this ready for you to start. For now, sign up there and you'll be first aboard.

See you there.

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