Tuesday, September 01, 2015

The 3-Fingered Solution

More breakthroughs happened today - this one with the  Silva Three Fingers Technique.

I've had to revisit my earlier Silva Training this week as I went through some other changes, all due to that Maslow Breakthorugh I told you about.

I wanted to brief you on some of these, and root them in a simple technique you can start using today.

The description of how to apply this in a learning situation is below - it helps you take tests, among other things.

See silvacourses.com for technique as used in learning.
Our use of is it to store a ready alpha-brainwave state, where the subconscious is highly accessible.

I've used this for years, as once you learn to simply drop into an alpha-wave state (called "Getting Centered" and "Going to Level") then you are able to work up all sorts of affirmations. 

Silva explains how he discovered how to make "Think and Grow Rich" work for anyone. I found this in an old Silva article republished in 2011. The trick is that up to the time of Silva's studies, all affirmations were being pushed from the outside in - as an effort to solve problems which were results, not causes

When you "Go to Level" or "Get Centered", you are now operating at alpha-wavelengths or below and so the affirmations now can take effect as causes - because you are re-programming your mind to now operate on these instead of other counter-solutions you'd been trained with all your life.

For years, I've said to use Levenson's Release Technique along with Silva as the most effective. The above paragraph says why. 

In order to move above Maslow's subsistence level, you are going to have to deal with the four "needs" the Release Technique solves. Maslow called these Safety, Belonginess, and Esteem. Levenson had these as Control, Security, Approval, and Belongingness - and all of these on top of Fear of Death - or Fear of Loss of Individuality.

For sure, there is a ton of material available to study on Levenson and Silva. I've given you the links above to review in your own time. 

Today, this just gives you a few short notes that make pique your curiosity a bit.

Now a simple technique:
  1. Go to Level.
  2. Release anything that's bothering you.
  3. Adopt a Calm, Cheerful Expectancy as an attitude (this comes from Earl Nightingale.)
  4. Then, appreciate natural systems around you.
What this does is to enable adopting a simple, positive attitude - where things work better. Then you start to see more natural systems which exist, and so you can start seeing how to improve your life naturally - in alignment with Nature instead of short-cutting it or fighting it.

All this so you can live a simpler, more peaceful life - one filled with inspiration and solutions.

Your welcome. 

I'll try to keep you posted as things develop.

See you next time.

PS. Do visit LiveSensical.com and sign up. We should open this coming week and will start from there. Expect great things - they are coming your way!

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