Thursday, May 19, 2011

You, Automaticity, and Everything Else

Of course, this is more deep-end thinking which you can discard outright. After all, I only claim to be a scammer and an aspiring cartoonist. (I've written and published some books, but almost anyone can do that - same for the college degrees.)

The logic starts with Daddy Bray (from Laura Yardley's "Heart of Huna") saying that the 3 parts of Humankind are metaphoric. (conscious, subsconscious, superconscious).

In Urban Shaman (and even more in Max Freedom Long's books), the Ku (subconscious) is referred to as an entity of itself. This is a workable approach.

However, when you mix in the concept that the subconscious is mostly accepted programming - such as through Levenson and Silva training - then any "identity" for the subconscious would be another program.

Review, which outlines the world as being concentric, these 3 parts extending outside the individuality themselves. (A limited metaphor, but works for our argument.)

The consideration here is that what sits between you and Self (infinite potential, by any name) is a set of programs which are more or less accessible to you.

The subconscious controls the body, but by breathing you can get some control over several functions and turn semi-automatic to your control. Some have gone as far as stopping blood flow to specific areas - useful in accident situations.

Extend that metaphor out, and you'll find it workable in explaining how the universe around you continues to operate - mostly on full automatic, regardless of your input.

As you follow the four levels of reality, you can see that this is far from an unchanging state of affairs. By getting into more and greater communication with that universe around you, and in increasing your own responsibility for it, you will then improve your abilities to change it in different ways.

You are essentially expanding your individuality beyond the tiny core we start out at and through the body itself and into the universe. We aren't talking "control" here - that is separatist. We would be talking instead along the lines of cooperation and coordination.

Eventually, as you take complete responsibility for everything around you - being, doing, and having all that you can experience and sense - then you become One with everything, another name for resuming Self. At that point, you can make any amount of changes to anything - if you feel like it at all. (Some say that then you'll see the perfection of creation just as it is, so would no longer need to change anything - but the effectiveness of that statement is up to you.)

The summary of this is that as you improve your own abilities, you will be able to improve your ability to change or adjust the environment around you. It starts with your own body and your own life, being as successful and healthy as you want. Then the physical universe starts changing exactly as you would want it to - and more success comes your way.

It's all a matter of changing your considerations about your own limiting programs. And starts with what you consider about your individuality.

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