Thursday, May 19, 2011

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There are key reasons that Jesus and other philosophers spoke in parables, and why mythology survives.

The lowest level is defined by its separation - people are picking fights as entertainment. Competition is what rules.

So in talking to people, they pick you out as a competitor first. And this is why they hold onto their touchiness and imagined affronts.

To a truly free person, being offended is for all practical purposes impossible. A mild curiosity about an inefficient or non-optimum solution being implemented is just about as bad as it gets.

And this also offers reason the Release Technique/Sedona Method is so effective and hasn't ever really gone mainstream - quite regardless that it's been proved effective by studies over and over.

Churches and Religions thrive in such a competition-climate just as soon as it becomes an "us vs. them" situation - as soon as dogma's are built and the underlying basic tenets have been translated into something you could have a fight over. At their core, Islam and Judeo-Christian beliefs have no argument. It's what came later on both sides that throws salt in the wound.

Most PR firms will tell you to push something controversial in order to get it picked up by the press - who make their living selling advertising in order to reach people who are fascinated with tabloid trivia and disasters. (Advertisers want to get people who are ruled by their emotional desires - addicts, basically.) Controversy is just another fight - people can't agree on what's the most workable and effective truth for any given situation. Their solutions are even worse - greenie-enviro's want the "government" to get involved. This means they can't simply get people to buy other products which are made better, safer, or more environmentally responsible.

(And then you get the HSUS, which by reports is trying to get people to go vegan. So they get government to regulate stuff in order to drive up prices so people will quit eating meat. Nice job when you can get it. Less than one percent of their donations go to actual shelters, at something like $3,000 per animal... ref:

There is actually no fight between anything - there are people who elect themselves to become fighters. Nazi Germany was a self-generated scene of separatists. They had to be fought - invited and took on the whole world in fact. However, many good things actually came from the actions which occurred during that conflict - for one, we learned how to streamline automation and developed enough manufacturing capability to feed and clothe and house the world.

Since WWII (and before) it has always remained a problem of the poor doing their darnedest to remain poor, and a few "leaders" getting them to give up their power of choice so that their poverty could become institutionalized via government. (Got to love them competitive politicians.) And despot-run governments are creating the only places currently where mass starvation is occurring on this planet - as well as higher unemployment. (As that "We Are the Children" group found out.)

But after that war, it became plainly obvious that Malthus had been and remains wrong on his warped statistics which proved that there is a limited amount of resources to feed, clothe, and house an increasing number of people. (Oh, in case you're curious - continuing census predictions say we top out around 2050 as a species - Italy, Ukraine, and a few others are already starting to go backwards.) There is tons of stuff around to take care of everyone - as well as the environment we live in. Just takes education, organization, and actual transparency. Oh yes, leave any government out of it.

Our charity organizations have been most effective when they taught people to fish or bake bread rather than handing out fish sandwiches. Passing out money only continues poverty, unemployment, and poor schools - been proved time and time again. The worst charity organizations (HSUS, United Way, and a few others) wind up spending most of their money on executive perks and fundraising, plus PR. Give directly to local animal shelters and local charity organizations where you know who runs them.

- - - -

Shortly, I'll be moving back into my cartoons. Because entertainment is the one communication line which doesn't deal in conflicts, it simply makes fun of everything equally. The "making fun" is in non-sequitur comparisons.

Perfect for a philosophy which says people are natively free, that their only limits are self-imposed.

Just in this blog itself (outside of a few early errors which are corrected in later posts), you have everything you need to re-create your own freedom. For eternity.

But I don't need to create more antagonism or problems for people - other than helping them wake up a little bit. Any good dish needs a dash of spice to improve it.

May all your roads rise up to meet you.

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