Thursday, May 19, 2011

Now for something completely Mystic...

Apologies to Monty Python fans, but this point seems a natural following to earlier posts today:

In remote viewing, that's just another fiction. LaTourette covers that point (see ad at bottom of page). There is no real "over there". There is no real space for Self. That's why telepathy in it's own definition is another fiction as well - you don't "tele" anywhere. Because practically you are just talking to yourself.

Of course, this is all the First Principle of Huna, which is that "Your Ideas Create Your Reality."

And this is the bottom line to The Golden Rule. You only do to yourself.

Gives us a new way of looking at things - doesn't it.

Yes, this is fourth-level stuff. Neat, though.

- - - -

Watching the Power of Myth videos. This is giving more mental fruit to chew on. Expect more posts shortly...

- - - -

Of course, this also brings to fruition the concept Jesus the Christ spoke of (very tortuously translated) as "The Kingdom of God is within you."

For that matter, it also means "Home is where the Heart is."

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