Friday, May 20, 2011

Using Masks to Light Your Way

The key point of Vogler is to know that he's only and strictly talking about scripts and storytelling - or is he?

When you start to apply his ideas to "real life", the first point you have to understand is that life isn't "real". Shakespeare's point that "All the world's a stage and all the people on it merely players" has more to do with actuality than you may think.

Step back and take this idea that you already are an immortal being. Further, any lifetime you have would then be a temporary affair. We are not taking up reincarnation or past lives here at all. We are taking up the Now, which is your only real constant.

The point you have is that you can affect or change the Now with your ideas. For better or worse, depending on what solution you want to find. But it's just a story, all the same, just stagecraft.

The game is exciting and involving, but all the players and playing field are creations of Self.

A practical application is "What the hell do I do with these people and companies I can't trust?" You may be affected by people or groups who aren't what they appear to be. Terrorists groups who want you to convert to a Dark Ages lifestyle. "Humane" extremist groups who want you to turn vegan-only (and have poorer health and also screw up our environmental and cultural balance through their tunnel-vision fixation.)

These of course may be shadows, tricksters, shapeshifters. Pick your poison.

Taking this seriously, it means that there is something lacking, some lesson you should be learning.

If you take up Wayne Dyer, the answer is Unconditional Love. Bless them out of existence. Send understanding their way.

Actions down this line would be to simply expose them for what they are, so others can see their duplicity. In that case, you treat them as a tragic hero in their own script. The lesson you give them is that they can run, but not hide - that they have to learn like the rest of us.

I did that once with a scammer company. They had taken a good chunk of my money after a long, long sales pitch and then didn't deliver the goods. It took me over a year to get my money back. During that time, I learned all the lines and methods of using the "authorities" to change them - and what their actual Achille's heel was.  Then I started telling other people about how to get their money back. Mostly, I moved on with my life, since it was up to others to apply what I told them or not.

One day, I suddenly got sued by these guys. And they settled for making me quit telling people about how to get refunds. Plus, they also had to agree not to talk about me anymore. Shortly after, the government hit them with a lawsuit for nearly a million dollars - not the company, which was designed to simply drop out of existence. The government sued the actual individuals behind the scene - gave them their own personal lesson. And online complaints about that company (what they hated most) dropped to nothing after that. (I did find later that every single person I had told about that method had gotten their refund.)

In that case, the nemesis had gotten affected by a stronger force for truth - and had to learn their own lesson in this. But I was unaffected. That lawsuit simply got me educated in how the American law-system works. It really cost me nothing more than some pocket change and time invested. (Check out Jurisdictionary if you want the real scoop - and learn about a hero who is working to revise the legal system through education.)

Shadows don't like daylight. Tricksters and Shapeshifters don't like meeting forthright people who understand them.

The shorthand is to simply Be. Some intermediate techniques would be to do all necessary releasing in this area. You could also go to your Huna Garden and look for the dream symbols to change, asking the Master Gardener there for advice. Or visit your Mental Laboratory (Silva) and work your wonders with the advice of your Advisor there.

In all cases, you are dealing with symbols and masks. You only lose if you give them power over you. But all power comes from within. So realize that the truth you are is greater than the fiction you create.

Another point to consider is whether you really want to play that game. Will it profit you to keep going down this line. Or should you just let it go and let it play out? Again, this is just a simple approach: quit creating the problem. All life is generated problems. Release, Meditate, Be. And the solution is then obvious.

Best of luck with this.

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