Saturday, May 14, 2011

Talking to your plants and pets - just natural

Of course, this was way too obvious to take seriously.

Nap Hill talked about it in his "Think and Grow Rich", chapter 14 - on the Sixth Sense. And he had to say that he had been using this for years (his Invisible Counselors technique) and finally got to the point where he didn't care what others thought about him - that it was more important to tell people a proven technique rather than keep all this success to himself.

Here's the kicker: what he discovered was something which is more natural than success itself. Something on the order of breathing, and as easy to learn as smiling.

Intuition (also known as inspiration) is an always-on facility. Most of the work you are doing is to keep people out of your head and all your secrets unknown. (And of course this threatens governments, so it's just between us on this very public blog...)

No, I'm not the first to discover this by a long ways. And I have to tell you that I'll need to come back to this to get the proper (affiliate) links in here so you can try it out for yourself. (However, breakfast is waiting, plus a long list of chores to do before I get to some caricature work this am.)

Back to our sponsor: Intuition is always on.

You just have to see it happening around you to improve your ability in this are. As you get more confidence in this, you'll start using it more.

Some caveats: don't tell people around you that you can do this. It just upsets them. And they'll literally change their minds in order to make you wrong and "protect" themselves. If you tell them they were thinking about "A", they'll say no, it was actually "B". But you can tell they are now thinking about B on purpose.

Only share this with people who are seeking the same level of improvement you are. (Politicians might want to use this to get more power, but since it doesn't work that way, they'll just try to shut you down instead.)

Tools: Laura Silva's "Silva Intuition System". You could also do this with her "Silva Peaks", but that's probably a later course.

And yes, the complaint I have with her stuff is that it takes too long to get to the punchline. But that's probably what this blog is for, anyway.

The point is to get yourself into a frame of mind that you can use this material to gain greater freedom.

And you may find that those thoughts in your head are not self-generated.

The full use of this material is probably after you've been doing Levenson's Release Technique for awhile. This has a side-benefit of quieting the mind. So you get rid of all these old programs you've been carrying around and become much more at ease with the world around you.

Then learning to accept your native intuition becomes very natural.

This doesn't mean you will be able to read minds a continent away right off the bat or even with any certainty. So Washington is safe. But you will be able to start understanding the people around you much easier. And will know better when your plants need water or your pets are hungry.

And your life will get incredibly easier.

That's probably the point - we work too hard at this thing called "living". Time to take it easy and enjoy the natural abundance which is trying to show up in our lives - but we spend so much time and effort pushing it away.

There's today's tools: Levenson and Silva, Release Technique and Silva Intuition System.

Have fun!

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