Saturday, May 14, 2011

More transition (sigh).

Of all the interesting situations to run into, we are again going "volte-vis", or "backassward forward."

I've covered before that Campbell's "Hero of a Thousand Faces" was the clue to the symbolic level, the common plot to dreams.

It's also the key to study in creating effective stories which entertain and captivate. And so this is the means to reaching the largest amount of viewers with greatest potential impact - is only gotten through study and implementation of that classic. (See "Lion King" and other implementations - through the essay "A Hero's Journey".)

So these then are a crossover study which is necessary at this time - even though I'm not complete on Silva re-study (much less Hill, Haanel, Levenson, etc.)

Means I'm dealing from the symbolic level in order to get the greatest effect on the objective and subjective levels. And the holistic level gets a boost meanwhile...

And if you want to follow these adventures, get yourself a copy.

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