Sunday, May 15, 2011

Some Notes on Release Technique

Because I found myself missing a description, I went back to find this material.

When you first learn release technique, you concentrate on the three "wants" which allow you to hold onto old programs:

  • Security
  • Approval
  • Control

And below these, you take it further and get rid of underlying fears. Ultimately, you tackle death or loss of individuality - but those can be very heavy scenes to get into without releasing a lot of general matter first.

I set this all up on a page: 6 Steps to Releasing

Once you've done all this, and you get pretty imperturbable about mostly everything, then what I've experienced is that you tend to drop format, since you are simply releasing all the time anyway.

Hale Dwoskin streamlined this to "3 welcomings" -

  • Welcome any and all feelings, sensations, pictures, sounds, and memories of any incident which appears.
  • Welcome any needing to change or fix it, to push it away or hold on to it.
  • Welcome any idea that it has something to do with you or who you are.
Really, that last seems to be where a person winds up when they've been doing this for awhile. 

But I'm just including these all as notes. If you want more information, I've got a selection of material and summaries at

Again, my suggestion is to use Release Technique in conjunction with Silva Method to get the best results. Both borrow from the other to fill in missing points. (Really need to do a post or page on how these can be fit together - or dig up an earlier post. Mental note.) For now, those are the affiliate links.

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