Monday, May 16, 2011

Seven Shamanic Talents

This section is quoted directly from Serge Kahili King's "Urban Shaman", which reference you probably will need for your library if you want to continue in these studies.

These came to me as more important than before. You may want to try these out in various formats to get your own experience up. While King only talks about first and second levels, that was just an example. These 7 talents apply to all four levels.

The Seven Shaman Talents
The seven shaman talents are simply derived from the principles. they represent essential skills to develop, rather than specific techniques.
Seeing (from The World Is What Yon Think It Is)
This the ability to operate in the world from the perspective of the principles, to "see" things from that viewpoint rather than in the ordinary way. We often call this operating at second level (ike papalua)instead of at first level (ike papakahi). In first-levelthinking, the "ordinary" reality of most folk, the world is in independent of your thinking, everything is separate, energy flows by physical mediums only, the past has more power than the present, to love is to risk unhappiness, power is outside of you, and effectiveness is a matter of genius, reward, strength, or luck. Operating at second level in a primarily first-level world is not easy, but is the key to a shaman's success. What makes it especially challenging is that you also have to hold the first level in awareness so you can communicate with others operating at that level. 
Clearing (from There Are No Limits)
For the greatest effect this means using the best means at hand to keep the connectiosn clear between all parts of yourself and the universe around you, mostly by continually releasing mental and physical stress and tension as well as remembering to bring other aspects of yourself and the world into conscious awareness.
Focusing (from Energy Flows Where Attention Goes)
The skill involved here is that of keeping your intentions, objectives, goals, and purpose in mind, which means frequent review of your motivations for doing whatever you do. This helps you maintain a high degreee of efficiency and a low degree of frustration.
Presence (from Now Is the Moment of Power)
It is important to remain in the present moment as much as you can, especially when dealing with present-moment affairs. From hard experience I have learned that peopel I am talking two can sense a drop in my energy level if I let my mind wander, but not knowning what it is, they take it as aloofness or rejection on my part. The greater your presence, the greater your influence and effectiveness.
Blessing (from To Love Is to Be Happy With)
To bless is to reinforce actual or potential good by word, image, or deed. When you acknowlege beauty, admire skill, or appreciate kindness you are giving a blessing. What the shaman does that's extra is to bless potential. "May you have a safe journey'" "I wish you success in your venture," "Let the wind be always at your back" are examples of this type of blessing. And remember that telepathic blessings can be effective, too.
Empowering (from All Power Comes from Within) 
We empower something whenever we attribute any kind of power to it. People who attribute special powers to certain crystals are empowering them, and they will get more benefit from the crystals as long as they maintain the empowerment. Another way to empower is tp personify, to attribute human qualities to nonhuman entities or objects. The skill of empowering also implies the skill of disempowering. You can empower or disempower anything at all, including people, places, things, the past, the future, and endlessly on and on.
Dreamweaving (from Effectiveness Is the Measure of Truth)
As a weaver of dreams, the shaman weaves dreams for himself and helps others to do the same. This is also calles "shamanic healing" A first-level masseur doing a massage is using the physical body as a tool to weave a new dream and heal the spirit. It might look the same, but it isn't. Dreamweaving doesn't depend on technique. It has to do with having a healer's attitude and taking healing action, mentally or physically, in every situation you encounter. At least, that's the goal.

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