Friday, May 13, 2011

The transition begins.

Google made me take a difficult choice recently.

If you follow this blog, you know that while there have been some "hiatuses", it's recently been 2-3 blog posts a day. And outside of some different research, mostly I'm just too damned prolific for my own good. When I'm on a roll, it's mostly an accelerating ride until I get to the end. Recently, this blog has been the prime recipient.

The only saving grace is that I talk about such extremely long-tail material that no one could really make much sense of it.

Look over to the right and you'll see what is "popular" on this blog - mostly some transcripts and compilations which can't be found easily anywhere else on the web.

But this blog has always been a proving ground for some extremely logical research.

Up to the very point where logic fails.

It is that point which has hit home.

Google was doing a little "update" on its Blogger platform, which meant essentially that I couldn't post anything for most of a day.

Now at about the same time, I hit into what I call the "penalty box" which my satellite provider (all I can get out here in the boonies of Missouri) puts people who exceed their download quota. While I still haven't figured out what caused that, it again forced me to stay off the web for an even longer period.

The post you want to see (the only one I did in that period) is this:

I don't know how well you've followed this blog. For several years, I've been working to get back to cartooning full time (outside of running this farm). But I've always had this or that project to keep me going.

Once I got out of Scientology in 2000, I've been working to sort out if self-help actually worked. This gave us the first three of the "Go Thunk Yourself" series. Yes, it does work - and there are just a handful of laws/rules/principles which make it happen for anyone.

I did find Huna during that point, but only used it as a method for explaining what Hill, Haanel, Wattles, and Troward (as well as Nightingale) couldn't.  The seven principles of Huna really cover a great deal and kept pulling me back to it.

But before I dove into the whirlpool (which you've seen recently) I had to finish up the hole in self-help - which was finding Levenson's Release Technique.  That have a fourth and final version of Go Thunk Yourself, which coincided with the 10th year of research into that field. And so it was titled "Go Thunk Yourself, Revisited."

I found that "enlightenment" is simpler than was thought or made out to be. But at the same time, it was simply another door that opened.

Into what was the actual question.

That was the stepping off point into shamanism, Serge King style. The next logical point was to take these additional levels or ways of viewing reality and seeing where they led.

And that study takes us beyond our extreme long tail into an area where there's more "etheric" than actual substance. "Running on fumes" is probably the best description.

It takes us into areas where a person would be attacked for simply opening their mouth. Because this undermines all established religions and belief-systems. And exposes the problems which this planet and universe has as its own endemic mental dis-ease.

That above post also explains that stories, parables, entertainment - these are the ways to get this material across. You'll also note that recent posts on this blog point out Joseph Campbell's "Hero of a Thousand Faces" as a key reference.

This then becomes my bridge to this material.

It doesn't mean that I don't have more to study. The point made earlier was that with these four levels of understanding (or living) actually contain the same materials which brought us all through to the end of self-help.

The workable materials (for me anyway - your mileage may vary):
1) Proctor, Nightingale, Hill, Haanel, Troward (in reverse order, but most easily understood.)
2) Huna 7 principles.
3) Silva Method
4) Levenson Release Technique.

Now, in and of themselves, none of these have all the answers - at least for Western minds.

Taken together, they fill in the gaps and bring you to an incredible, always-on, beyond-understanding, non-communicate-able, endless, fathomless, personal peace.

And for many, this is what enlightenment consists of. Probably why Alan Watts tells the story of Zen Masters returning to their old ways of life after achieving the top of their training line. Same world, different look at it.

So the trick is to then take these 4 shamanic levels which Serge King talks about and re-study these other materials through those new lenses.

I generally outlined what to study for what level a few posts ago.

The problem is continuing to blog about it. For this universe is set up with every reason not to do so. Start with government itself - FDA says you can't cure someone unless you're "qualified". The network of universities say you can't have a paper to be "qualified" unless it's by their rules. Religions and dogmas all over the planet are extremely touchy about mentioning anything about their foibles. Like they all pretend to have a monopoly on spirituality or something.

All these organizations and the individuals who support them are into competition. They want to pick a fight with you.

The people who don't are something on the order of less than 1% of 1% of 1% - probably a few hundred thousand out of the billions existing today. What makes this even more difficult is that most of these have never heard of this blog, which is probably the only place (only one I know of) where someone is trying to simply express these very workable truths.

Or there are a couple dozen blogs out there which are similar to this, but also are so esoteric and un-marketed that they are similarly hard to find.

All this long essay just points to the same solution: To educate or enlighten, you must entertain.

And the real tool to defuse almost all bombs out there - humor.

The format fits with cartooning, because people will participate and contribute to cartoons more than they will real life.

So, to celebrate, I'm taking three days of doing caricatures this weekend, which will give me time to develop the characters for a strip which will take up with material I can't easily talk about on a serious blog.

That cartoon will work to approach explaining life through the four levels at once. Much like the old Warner Brother cartoons, which entertained both adults and children at the same time, you should be able to find material which will be funny and interesting on objective, subjective, symbolic, and holistic levels all at the same time.

For people who are simply stuck in being objective, these should be funny enough to smile about at least (or maybe a mild guffaw from time to time - LOL...) But for the seriously un-serious student of shamanic lessons - they will hopefully be some very classic points of reference to forge your own chain of consciousness from.

I've already worked out the distribution such that you'll even be able to get poster and framed prints if you really like them, let alone published volumes of these strips. If I do the production right, I'll possibly be able to crank out several a day - which would then keep up with my over-verbose and over-inspired cracker-barrel philsophising.

But, you're in luck: I'll post them here as well.

Just wanted to let you know what's coming. Might take awhile to change gears. But transitions often have a few chipped gears and metal flakes in the transmission before the driver learns how that clutch works best. Lucky we have a full crankcase of oil...

Here's where you slap yourself on the back and say, "boy am I lucky - aren't we all."

Or just go and hug someone for no good reason. They deserve it, don't they. Because without them, you wouldn't be here reading this, would you?


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