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How to see what is... and where you are going.

Before you can move in any direction, you have to know where you are. And that you actually are somewhere.

This was known to Archimedes, who is known to have said that if he had a long enough lever (and a place to stand) he could move the world.

The "place to stand" is the problem.

Because most of use don't really see the world the way it exists. We are so caught up in our own emotional subconscious state that we don't see anything but that. What we recognize around us is simply what programming we accepted long ago - and that programming tells us where we "are" and how we should be "reacting".

And this is the hole in Napoleon Hill's theory of how to proceed in "Think and Grow Rich". He didn't know how to fight the very programming which created any opponent. He lacked very simple solutions. The closest he got was Coue's affirmations (see "Secrets Between Your Ears"). Coue's approach was to simply replace any existing unwanted mental habit with a new one - mostly by sheer repetition of positive affirmation.

The bridge to this is found in Lester Levenson's Release Technique materials.

The entire success secret is in being able to release the unwanted condition, along with any underlying counter-create patterns (fear, anger, anxiety, dispair, etc. ) which are holding that concept and pattern in place, mostly or completely overlaying the original creative and loving thought.

And that bridges you from self-help over into the next level - subjective.

At that point, you can make real mileage through the Silva System, in almost any of its incarnations. Laura Silva has taken this way beyond her father's work - but mostly in terms of marketing, not particularly improving on his basics. Jose Silva's last work, Ultramind, is where he bridged over from the objective into the psychic - making it possible for anyone and everyone to utilize their native abilities in this area.

But the Silvas didn't apparently know about releasing. So you want to take that tool with you. Once you get into a simple and deeper meditative state, you are then able to utilize releasing to let go of the negative emotional states and programs you've been carrying with you.

Then program at this level the positive approaches which come to you as intuitive solutions. And you combine the methods of Silva and Levenson as regards your own goals so that you can achieve these the quickest,  permanently from here on out.

That then leaves you in a perpetually peaceful state, able to quickly dissolve negative influences you've been carrying around. As well as those which pop up in your life.

Those are the only stops you've been having which keep you from being in communication with everything and everyone around you. That is the subjective level in full. Full communication with your environment.

At that point, you finally can know where you actually are. And then start moving forward.

Levenson releasing technique by itself left many open holes. It gets you into a great personal state, but says nothing about where to go from there. And as Levenson apparently didn't know about Silva or Huna, there were no cross-over advances to be made. The texts Lester studied in Eastern religions also didn't lay out the paths which Jose Silva and Serge Kahili King (and Max Freedom Long) walked.

Huna, in King's Kahuna Kupua materials, lays out the ancient understandings which were recorded in the Polynesian language of Hawaii thousands of years ago. And this tells us of two additional levels beyond the subjective/psychic level.

However, right at this point, I don't have a complete set of tools and techniques for these levels beyond King's own books and recordings, such as "Urban Shaman".

Anything that maintains the separateness of the individual as a base can be evaluated for usefulness. It may or may not have any application beyond its own universe of thought. Similarly, practices and dogmas which are full of indecipherable or unclear approaches - which have no accurate or definite translation - may or may not be useful. (One interesting study is to take only the actual stories and commonly-agreed talks Jesus the Christ left in scriptures - such as Thomas - and then throw away the practices, rites, rituals and so on which built up in the centuries after his passing. Go directly to the source.)

One book of possible application in that next level, Symbolic, would be Joseph Campbell's "Hero of a Thousand Faces", where he lays out just how the Jungian archetypes can be used to explain the common plots which all mythologies use.

Mythologies - Dreams - Symbols. This gives us a tool to sort through all these with a greater certainty of understanding. Again, you are able to use the Huna Garden technique, or Silva's Laboratory, or Hill's Invisible Counselors - all to verify what you are working to confront and grasp.

In all cases, you are getting information from Self (by whatever name you want to call it) beyond that Holistic level in order to achieve your goals in spiritual training.

- - - -

Luck to us all!

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