Saturday, May 07, 2011

That's Entertainment!

Stumbled onto one reason we all might have stuck into only the "objective" level.

It's simply more entertaining than the others.

Or at least it seems that way. Practically, they are missing out on the more sublime aspects of things. But it's convenient when you want to play the game of "warrior" or "competition".

And that explains why sports are so popular, at least among men. But that seems to be the way they are wired. Women also compete, but in much different ways.

Well, around 97% of both sexes, anyway.

The objective level says that you are separate from everyone and everything around you. And from the other levels, this is a fairly insane viewpoint.  But not in a derogatory way. "Illogical" might be a more polite way of saying it.

And this explains why people who are looking for the "Law of Attraction" are pounced on so readily.

Because if you actually believe this stuff, then it ruins most of the games ongoing.

Games are simply fiction. They are employed to "pass time" - another fiction.

People, in actual fact, can readily be shamans. It's as natural as being able to experience the "sun rise". And if you ask people closely, they will tell you that they have had times that they "had an idea" what someone else was thinking (subjective level) or had a dream that was so real and perhaps even explained something to them (symbolic level) - or at times were really "in the zone" and knew exactly what was going on, that everything was incredibly real for a short while (holistic level).

The point is that they revert to the most separate level, and the one where their own native abilities are at their lowest - objective level.

But that's what passes for Entertainment on this planet, in this Universe, at this Moment.

No one is required to keep playing those games or any game. None. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

And if anyone really wants to improve the quality of their lives, they only have to start practicing on these other levels. Lots of practice. But you get better the more you do.

Life, as well, gets better and simpler. Easier.

The toughest thing to do is to hold yourself separate from everyone and everything and then try to do anything at all. Very tough. Probably why so many people are trying to "succeed" at all this. Because it's so hard, so very entertaining.

And why the first step in all these various cultures and studies which describe how to take it easy - is to begin by learning to relax. Just relax. Take a few deep breaths. Loosen all those tense muscles. Quit holding yourself so hard out and in such perpetual conflicts.

You really should "spend more time" or devote more moments of your infinite lifespan to simply appreciating the amount of beauty and life in everything and everyone around you. Even rocks, even dirt. Even pavement and trash. Once you see the incredible and endless beauty which exists all around you and within you - then you will see life in a much different way.

Between here and there, you'll regain all sorts of abilities you haven't experienced for years. But they are just there - waiting for you.

Your choice. As usual. Like it always has been.

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