Thursday, May 05, 2011

Kahuna Kupua Chart

Thought you might be interested in this chart of various Shaman correlations in Huna:

Kahuna Kupua Chart
KeyPower AnimalAbilityChallenge ColorElementBeingnessTalents
KalaBirdFreedomLimitationRedWaterReleaser of BlocksClearing
MakiaCatConcentrationConfusionOrangeWindManifester of EventsFocusing
AlohaHorseLoveAngerGreenPlantsPeace MakerCleansing

Again, King's interpretation of the 7 Huna Principles:

Ike Your Ideas Create Your Reality
Kala There are no Limits
Makia Energy Flows Where Attention Goes
Manawa Now is the Moment of Power
Aloha To Love is to Be Happy With
Mana All Power Comes From Within
Pono Effectiveness is the Measure of Truth

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