Monday, May 09, 2011

Talking with Life

Acknowledging another's purpose helps them. The point of social conversation is then to find out all about the other person so you can help them achieve their goals and become better. Then in your own meditation/prayers, you simply help them find their own successful points of reference.

What often keeps people from helping others is simply two things:
1. Their own insecurity or self-esteem lack. Easily resolved with Releasing Technique and Silva Method.
2. Their mistaken ideas (very real to them, however) that they are separate from those around them.
A person's wholeness comes from being part and parcel of everything around them. If this also means talking to animals and "things", then so be it. Anything that works with humankind would also work with plantkind, animalkind, and mineralkind. (Yes, you can also talk to the elements and even "empty" space.) Talking stands for communication, which there are many types. Our Western world is so very involved with words that this is just a more obvious transition.

The path to wholeness would be to improve one's senses and communication with every part and the whole as a whole of the environment and universe surrounding a person. Practically, this brings a person up to being able to recognise their own responsibility for creating it. As this level is approached, then seeing how a person could improve the environment they operate in would become apparent.

At the highest and best level, this becomes a person's goal - for all goals really translate to this at their highest applications or permutations. Taken out beyond any imagined limits, all goals involve the rest of humankind and all things living and created. All goals involve anything with motion or static qualities.

There is one definition which defines life as everything having motion. As the earth itself is in constant motion (several all at once, actually - spinning, revolving, oscillating, etc.) and our atoms themselves are in constant motion, this then says that every part of everything you are aware of is alive.

(Continuing on this line, you'd also see that there is really no such thing as "death". For the elements and atoms which make up any "living" body continue to have motion and change. "Death" is just a change. One wakes to another dream. And perhaps we go further than we need to at this time.)

The point is that in your conversations with other humankind, animals, plants, and minerals around you - be sure to inquire how you can help them. And know them by their needs and wants. Pray/Meditate to assist them with their goals.

By doing this, you will find and achieve your own goals faster and with higher quality, better results.

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