Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Next Steps after Self Help

While I've been involved lately with too many instances of simply having to get my hands really dirty in back-end webhosting issues, among other points (such as arrogant "support" staff who claim their machines are superior to those their clients are using - and we should bow down to their impressive "uptime" statistics and impeccably working websites, no matter that we can't get their links to work.)

It still tends to bring me back to the reality that things might not be as nice and cosy as we'd like them.

Still way too much separateness going on, and old habits of dealing with things as separate from ourselves.

Now, while I hold that King's description of three levels beyond our simplistic objective-experiences level are the next points to cover, it still doesn't mean you can't hold them  up against the other in order to get the most effective truths and technique for your own use.

Again, I say that Levenson and Silva are keys to understanding Hill and his mentors as well as his students (Troward, Haanel, Nightingale, Proctor - with a side helping of Wattles).

Once you do have Levenson release technique to solve the remaining puzzles, you are then smack up against the next level, which both Levenson and Silva talk about. Silva went on ahead into the subjective/psychic realm with his last research.

I've been digging back into this while also sorting through King's "Urban Shaman". (Don't try this at home.) And the main problem is that Laura Silva does a decent job, but like her father, puts everything on long-play CD's instead of simply cutting to the chase and giving you a simple course of action with the techniques you need to practice. It takes longer to study a video or MP3 than it does to get through a PDF (and a lot more bandwidth, to boot.)

Silva is the simple route to getting a good grounding in the subjective level. Of course, you then also need to get King's methods understood and practiced as well. Daily practice. Underscore that. Daily.

Really, until I get through this point and can recommend the simplest approaches and find the streamline shortcuts, I won't be doing much else. The symbological approaches just will tend to confuse the matter, it seems.

And being able to be in complete communication with everything around you is vital before you can understand the dreams they are living here with us.

Knowing and being able to practice the simplicities of these levels are vital before you can consider learning and practicing on the holistic level.

So - it's back to Silva via his daughter's work, as well as his UltraMind recordings (particularly LaTourette's - who spills considerable beans during his asides.) Yes, I need to give you the Nightingale-Conant affiliate link at some point.

My approach to this (other than giving you the heads up first) will be to actually post websites which start reviewing and briefing people on these various findings. And there you will find links galore.

Meanwhile, I need to pull in more income to support this research. (So feel free to visit my bookstore and various sites to buy my books or related materials. Hint.)

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