Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Starting to see the "world" in a new way

Well, like it or not, we're on our way.

Since you've followed me this long (and I'm working on reviving the archives in PDF form for any to catch up on what you may have missed) - you deserve only the best.

And the more you feel that you do deserve this, the faster all manner of good things will show up in your life.

I had some time today (while waiting for a new front bearing for my truck) to sort out the skeleton of what real spiritual training consists of.

Funny enough, it's the stuff you've already studied.

But this time, it's now looking at it all from a completely different viewpoint.

Up to this point, you've been working on just getting your own Freedom back. Which you had all along.

And that realization is what passes for enlightenment for many people. Or Clear. Or even bodhi.

Those people who have attained this have achieved an incredible level of truth in their lives. So it's not something to be taken lightly.

It's also the end of individuality as you know it. For after this, you will continue to expand your beingness and abilities to even greater heights - but those are with this world around you. It's that world which you've gradually or suddenly realized that you've been creating all along. The world which you are completely responsible for.

The trick and secret is to view this world and universe through these other 3 ways in addition to the objective one where you've had all your training to date. You'll now be required to learn how to perceive and study and deal with things not just objectively, but subjectively, symbolically, and holistically.

You will learn to deal with things in terms of what they mean to you, what they can mean for you, and how it's all you, anyway.  At the same time, the pleasures of seeing things separate from you continue to delight you - because you can be, have, and do at all these levels at the same time.

Now getting used to these various ways of operating isn't particularly easy, but it gets easier as you get more used to it. Like any skill you learn. Like dancing, or chess, or riding a bike.

Obviously, I have a great deal more to work out on this. But the fascinating part is that all these techniques you learned on the way up - the ones you used to gain your own freedom - can now be used to free the entire world around you.

Certainly, your prosperity and good health, as well as fantastic relationships will continue to the exact degree you continue to apply these techniques. But as well, you will now have access to even more power to create the complete and entire world of your dreams. And everyone will join you in that.

It's the final adventure - one which never ends, actually.

- - - -

In case I get busy with other stuff (which I've been putting off to write these posts), here's the basic tool sets you can review.

0. Huna Kupua - the four ways of the shaman need to be fully understood.

1. The 7 principles of Huna

2. Key books which lay out how this world works: Napoleon Hill (both Law of Success and Think and Grow Rich), Wallace Wattles, Charles Haanel, Thomas Troward, Genevieve Behrend. (And don't forget my "Go Thunk Yourself" series, which review all these...)

3. Review "The Strangest Secret" recording by Earl Nightingale, plus the books he mentions: Dorothea Brande's "Wake Up and Live!" and Claude Bristol's "Magic of Believing".

4. Key techniques to master: Silva System (Jose or his daughter's more recent materials), Burt Goldman's "American Monk" series (based on Silva, plus Eastern studies), Serge Kahili King's recordings as well as the Huna recordings of Tad James, John LaTourette's Huna materials (if you can find them), Levenson's Releasing Techniques (I prefer Crane's version as more straightforward, but Dwoskin or Seretan's will work, too.)

5. Anything else that shows up for you as workable.

As I can, I'll come back to link these up and speed your access.

You'll see as you study these, the more you really master the 4 ways of the Shaman, they all now have incredible depth to them. And the trick isn't to stick in any one field, but work to master them all. With that wealth of understanding, you can then simply choose the most effective tool for any given situation.

With that: I wish you all the best of everything.

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