Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Habit Replacement - Fact or Fiction?

Found today where Serge Kahili King was telling me one habit needs to be replaced with another.

Now this is just as true as you find it workable, as much as you join in on the creating of it.

If you are in the habit of having persistent habits, perhaps this is a workable truth for you.

One concept which sits a bit sideways to this is releasing. (A description is linked in the title.)  In Levenson's release technique, the action is to simply let it go. Quit holding onto whatever it is that's bothering you. Sure, it may take several rounds of releasing to really let go of something.

The idea that I had was in that once you let it go, it would just be gone. You are simply getting to the core reason (usually a deep-seated fear) which helped you create that habit to begin with. And so you don't have any reason to have that habit anymore.

If you consider that something has to replace it, you might see that a calm, fathomless peace replaces it.

So I suppose that your new habit would be one of endless and indescribable peace. (This is the "peace that passes all understanding.")

And then you are really expanding your habit of peace to encompass all other habits.

I suppose that King would say that you are simply then connecting up the "Ku" with the Higher Self as an "always on" condition - or habit.

My understanding of Ku is that this is all that sits between you and Self. It is the mutual creation you've agreed to as well as that you've directly created and may or may not be taking responsibility for. Your education is to learn about the Ku (your body and subsconscious) and expand this to the whole world and universe we live in. As you continue to learn about your surroundings, you can bring these into better forms of creation - or vanish them as they are no longer useful to you.

Habits, like most things in this universe, are pretty much set on automatic. Like gravity, the seasons, how your heart keeps running, etc. Habits. Patterns. Automaticities.

So consider what it would be like if you just took things back to the original creative thought. Far from being a dull, grey void, it would instead be one of peaceful pre-creation - where everything is possible. Bright and sparkling perhaps - tinted in shifting pastels, possibly.

And so your habits simply return to their origin - where they are simply in pre-creative form. Which means you can have that habit again if you want it. But perhaps next time, you'll simply use it for what you want it and then let it go again. Much like an actor who can smoke on stage as part of a character, but then is not "addicted" to cigarette smoking afterwards.

At least this is my understanding of habits at this level.

Have fun with this.

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