Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Getting along with Government, Taxes, Politicians

Listening to Serge King is quite heady. And he's telling me for the last several days all about healing.

Now the FTC, FDA, DEA, etc. have pretty much sewn up the monopoly of healing - they say that only licensed doctors are able to cure anyone. They long ago ran extensive campaigns about the dream that anyone who says they can actually cure someone is a quack. (Yes, I know, if it sounds like a duck...)

And you'll see many different self-help guru's who carefully tip-toe around this point. Because the people-are-authorized-to-carry-guns can use deadly force to require you to send yourself or any of your relatives to a licensed doctor and undergo their treatment.

They say that, simply, you don't own your own body. And they can kill you to prove it. Oof. That's their idea of keeping everyone safe.

But there's a simpler way - one which the Christ is held as saying: "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's."

Huna healing isn't the same as taking pills and having operations and injections and so on. Those are all external to the individual, usually not of their creation.

Huna healing is just allowing the person to be themselves, wholly.  You don't directly change someone else, but a more accurate definition is to get into such good communication with that person that they feel safe enough to change themselves into however they want to be.

It's the person who changes, not the external influence. The healer doesn't heal - they simply help the person correct whatever it is that is bothering them. (If it isn't bothering them, then maybe it doesn't need to be healed...)

Again, this is learning to understand the universe around us. Once you grok the actuality of existence, then it becomes much simpler - it becomes your creation again.

Of course, you then come right back around to the point that all of these individualities we maintain are just part of Self, so it's not a big deal. Healing is much as you would pull out a small splinter from your thumb as a nuisance.

Healing anything and everything around you becomes second-nature. It's a good habit to evolve into. Everyone and everything gets better around you just because you get near them (more or less.)

The point may be to appreciate all the fine work these government workers are doing and to purposely not get in their way. Let them play any game they want to. Because as you are Self, you can appreciate all their efforts. And of course, it may be obvious that it's best for all concerned that nothing needs to be done at all. (The best government is one which governs least, it has been said.)

As all are in agreement, then there is no need for laws or their enforcement. A group of healthy people have no need of doctors.

And the ducks can enjoy their pond and raise their young.

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