Thursday, April 28, 2011

Handling Government and Politicians

Now, again, I'm about to give you data which you are free to disagree with - and I encourage you to.

This will of course seem completely strange and impossible. I will say, if asked, that I am simply a scammer and am out for my own monetary gain. That makes it simpler for everyone concerned. (If this helps: Visit my Best Self Help Books store.)

But here's today's wacked-out, conspiracy-theorist-ridden, but-very-mystically-logical way to handle those problems called governments and officials.

First, you have to work for the improvement of all concerned. Everyone has to improve their lives as a result of your efforts and thoughts. It's completely and utterly win-win. That's the bottom line ground rule. Anything else is simply temporary effects, and we are interested in only permanent change. (Also, this keeps you from having "enemies" - that's good for warriors, but we aren't taking that path.)

Next, you are going to have to completely "grok" the problem. ("Grok" is a term from Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land.") Which really means, in its essence, to fully become the problem in all its aspects - not just the solution it's demanding, or how it's affecting you. You have to see both (counter-opposed) sides of the problem and all the creating that went into it. Once you have it all figured out and know, personally, what is going on with it, then the solution is obvious. The most optimal solution benefits all concerned, everyone concerned.

And if you are familiar with Silva, you can ask for Higher Intelligence to send you inspiration if you can't figure it out yourself - or similarly, visit your Garden in Huna and ask the Master Gardener for advice on the best way to proceed - or have the Master Shaman appear. If you've read Haanel, you could just visit the Silence. Or from Nap Hill, use the Gates technique of sitting in a darkened room and concentrate on all the aspects of the problem. Lots of ways to get answers to this. The point is to get the best solution which you can use for the situation you're in, and your current abilities.

To grok the people connected with the problem, you may need to be that person. This doesn't mean that you quit being you - or even that you have to go anywhere or do anything. And this isn't trying to control anything, or have power over anyone. It's non-judgmental and depends on being secure in your own skin first.

Grokking people is a great way of learning things from people who have moved on, from historical figures. Napoleon Hill describes doing this with his "invisible counselors". He had people attend his board meetings both alive and passed on - who gave him direct advice on various aspects. Instead of a Huna garden, he had a board room.

One interesting point to this is that of gifting, thanks, and blessings. You are giving in these, always. And grateful for what you receive and experience. This forwards your flow of healing. All who are on this planet, in this universe, seem to be incomplete. So as you fill your own gaps in understanding, you are assisting others with theirs. This is why governments have to compromise all the time. They are dealing with the most rudimentary of living ways - that of separation and organization. Compromise is the order of the day, which is a form of mutual exchange and giving.

Often a good way to proceed is to give a gift when you arrive, and accept a gift when you leave. Gifts can be anything, something you consider that the other would find valuable. What you take away may not be apparently valuable - you might not see the use of it to begin with. But you trust that it's use will show up later.

The highest form of government is self-government and free association. That could be the goal your grokking takes. At any rate, your work in this is to help and assist those in government to do better. In many cases, this will be just in helping them be more certain and have more esteem. It's probable that you cannot "force" them to think or act any certain way. But you can always request that they work for the greatest good of everyone concerned, not just their party or a certain group of people.

Another technique you can employ is to access those with similar intent of solving that problem. Simply reaching out will then bring these others to you. And then you can work in harmony with them to bring about the positive change and improve the creation.

And yet again, you could bring any visitor to your own garden. Meet with them in a familiar landscape of your own creation. Treat them as a guest and help them feel at home. Have a conversation with them and seek out their views. Learn from them, just as they learn from you. Gift them and accept their gifts to you. Bid them adieu and see them off, then return to the Here and Now. Absorb what you have learned and get all possible lessons. More will probably show up later. Let them show up as they may. Be open to more lessons at all times.

Look for feedback which shows you the effectiveness of what you've been doing. Recognize the rightness of what you've been doing and you'll improve. See what you could still improve on.

As many people do this with their elected representatives, then they would truly reflect more accurately what their constituents want. Again - we are looking for optimal solutions. It could (but probably won't) be exactly the one you started out with. Reason being that it came from your individual concept, not a holistic one.

This is the exact point we are dealing with - that we are not particularly taking the "warrior" route of combating and winning against adversity. We are instead working with finding and forwarding the most optimal solution we can find within our current awareness, while we improve and expand our awareness-ability.

All these esoteric practices do work - and just to the degree you consider that they do. Of course, you'll need to practice with this to improve your ability.

And if this is beyond what you want to try at this time, just consider that I've told you a nice fiction. When you need this talent to resolve something in your life, it will be there for your. But it's smart to simply practice this regularly - as most need to develop their rapport in many different ways to get this easier.

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