Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why popular is popular

Just watching a long-running crime series tonight. And got curious about popular "culture."

Oddly, this drives right into the recent shamanic studies.

What we know:

  • Most of humankind function far more on the subconscious than conscious.
  • The patterns used are those which are objective. 
  • And the point of this universe is to play the game of making sense of it.

So mysteries are composed with missing parts. And often altered sequences (things out of order).

The challenge is to make sense out of things.

Added into this is emotion, which is illogical - and often non-sequitur.

And this then sets the stage for "reality" shows.

Why are shows like this popular?

Escapism allows alternate programs to come into play. Different emotions can surface.

Entertainment, for the most part, is simply distraction - a roulette wheel of emotions.

Since often motion pictures will hang around for days later, and songs can replay for days to weeks - this forms the basis of addictions. If the emotions are wanted, but then suddenly cease, then the impulse to replace it surfaces.

Once a given input doesn't return the same wanted emotions, then a related input is sought.

So: fads.

- - - -

Now, when you look for successful people, follow their back-trails. You will find in every single case that they've kicked this habit scene. For greater or less, they know the bulk of the success habits which Napoleon Hill distilled with his Law of Success and Think and Grow Rich.

If you take this further, you'll find that they are connected on other levels - intuitive and inspirational.

The common objective plane becomes child's play to work. Abundance and success are commonplace.

Because they are no longer particularly held by their emotional states or addictions in this area. Where they have failures or collapse, it is because they dropped their particular success model that they've been following all along.

The funny thing is - all these popular plots are the same. Just read Joseph Campbell's "Hero with a Thousand Faces".

And Hill (plus a very few others) will tell you all you need to know to get released from the emotional rat-wheel.

Now Huna shamanic studies point at least two more planes above our "success story" models.

Should be an interesting ride.

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