Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ready for your next step?

Ready for real spiritual training?

These recent studies (and some collections I have been doing in the background) are bringing up a very sensible approach to moving beyond mere self-help into a much higher, more abundant, more powerful way of living.

While you already may be familiar with many of these tools, prepare to study them in a new fashion.

The key is to be able to move beyond simply the personal, individual view of things and start to recategorize these from the views of subjective, symbolic, and holistic as well.

The object is to re-program your universe into the one you've always wanted, always known down deep was possible.

Hopefully, we'll make this ride as easy as possible for all of us. Not that it won't take some "hard work", but the results are already proven on each of these.

We will simply be taking the next, logical step. I'll post here as I get them ready for your study.

Good Hunting!

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