Monday, April 25, 2011

What Does Your Life Consist Of?

This just adds to what we've been covering so far. (Logical, I am.)

Now all this shaman stuff is fun. Don't take it for more than that. Seriousness can get you dead faster than anything else I know.

You can simply take your life down to nuts and bolts: how much love is in it?

Now, just as "there are no limits", you can think your life into any quality you want. ANY quality.

It's just how much love you want to create.

How does that work - create love? ...I thought love was creating?

And you really do. But the amount of love and creation you can do is infinite. Just like the spiritual world around you.

Let me tell you a funny story. Those serious scientists who were studying Quantum Physics came up with this wild theory that the observer affected the outcome. Not only did they prove that to be correct (which they really couldn't find otherwise, if you think it through...) but they also found that this physical universe we live in is actually infinite. Whenever a person considers that they can find other planets out there, they scrape up some money to create a rocket and send something out there - and get a lot of other people believing in the concept as well - then, Voila! They find something else out there.

This is exactly how Obama got elected - and why he is so polarizing today. Essentially, he was a "fill in the blanks" candidate with his political marketing - and so many people did. Many people got into this scene who didn't normally get into politics. Because they were reading into the situation what they wanted there.

And, like any president, candidates change when they get in office - because now more people are seeing different things there. Like the other 47% who didn't vote for him. People's thoughts, meditations, and prayers do have effects. So any person elected to office now starts behaving according to the way the people he  now represents perceive them. Elected officers can be changed, and frequently are, by those they represent. Analysts try to say this isn't so, but it's the same point. Same reason celebrity's lives sometimes fall apart.

The way people "think" about a candidate or celebrity isn't anything trivial. It's a matter of how people natively are - how people want to live their lives. People think their world. Sure, "they say" it's all about what other people say to them and act for them to model.

I'm not just talking about the media and their coverage. Only about 30% of their readers actually believe what they say or report. Sure, this creates some effect - but listen closely to the "news" as impartially as you can, and you'll see that they are not trying to really improve our culture much. Most of their reporting is on the lower-end of the "love spectrum". So much so that they now have to say "accused", "suspected" and so on. Doesn't mean they don't concentrate on the worst, most sensational stories they can find.

Now you can always trace this back to the point that most people (including those working in media jobs) run on 95% automatic - which is mostly leaving it up to the subconscious to tell you how to live your life. And yes, the media are just parroting back what we supposedly want to hear. Yes, this includes the "public" stations as well - different content, but essentially all emotion-laden, not simply - well, simple.

The more complicated things are, the more interesting, the more entertaining.

And for some, this complex universe we live in is just for that - entertainment.

But regardless of how you want your life to be, you don't have to have any particular life-quality that your environment says. Just because the people around you say or act one way doesn't have to mean anything.

You assign any meaning to your life - or all of it. No one else actually can. Unless you let them.

So, if you want, take this suggestion for what it's worth:

Fill your life and those around you with as much love and loving acts as you possibly can. 

And see if this doesn't invite more love into yours. The quality of life and living is what counts.

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