Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Tetrad Releasing - Making Life More Fun

(Disclaimer: all this is rather advanced and won't make any sense unless you've followed my other stuff somewhat. Get my Freedom Is book for a simple grounding, but really you should get and study the whole "Go Thunk Yourself" series. Otherwise, just consider me a crazy scammer and move on.)

You can take releasing and release far more than most consider possible. Usually, they leave off with just releasing thoughts, emotions, desires, and fears. And this takes you to a very nice state of release. Even enlightenment - total personal freedom.

But you can also take this a lot further. Essentially, as this universe is your own creation, you can start releasing the universe itself.

What this does is rather interesting. Of course, you get all sorts of calm and peace coming in -  that's a given. The point is to take responsibility for all you've created and experienced, then simply see what's beyond that.

Now this takes you beyond your normal physical senses. What you are left with is your own concepts - what you created your universe with to begin with.

The underlying basics I found there were two interactive dichotomies - a tetrad of four interlocking points:
  • Self
  • Now
  • Purpose
  • Choices
If you went into your Silva Method meditation, or (Burt Goldman approach) every day, you'd then simply and quickly be able to apply a releasing technique such as Larry Crane or Stephen Seretan in order to rapidly achieve an unflappable calm and endless peace to deal with life.

The approach beyond what you are told with any of these is then to combine them -

Get into alpha or theta level meditative state. Then simply release until you are free from any thoughts, emotions, and deep-seated fears like death (and all other of the 7 basic fears Napoleon Hill lays out).

Once you are to that point, then you can simply release all your creations. Realize that you've been "mocking them up" all along and simply let them go.

This takes some discipline. It's far too easy to simply put them all back in place. But the steps you will be taking at this point is to review your basic purpose and then look at the choices you've made. Again, as you look over your choices and take responsibility for them - you can simply let them go or polish them up if you consider they are still valuable.

You aren't trying to change the past. Can't be done. However you can release any that you are still holding onto. Yes, this should have happened before, but the key point is that you simply release what you find.

The point is that you are building a new world around you - just as you actually do every moment of every day you live. This simple technique just puts you at cause over the process.

You should release at the end of every day. Review your choices that day and release any and all of them which still have "should have" or "could have" connected with them. You should see that all the decisions or choices you made were the best possible at the time - they always are. The next step is to simply see what you've learned from those choices.

Then program yourself (using Silva Method) to get the answer to anything you haven't been able to resolve - while you are at the delta level during sleep.

In the morning, simply do this again to release right off. You'll have the solution you were looking for (or another part of it). Release any emotion or reactions to implementing that solution. Review your goal and also how this might help implement your planning. Consider that this step has already occurred and release anything that comes up as limiting or adversely affecting its outcome.

Then let it go for the Universe to deliver it to you.

Open your eyes and feel the gratitude for it showing up. Then assume your normal calm and cheeful expectancy of all the opportunities now coming your way.


Makes life a lot more fun, too.

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