Thursday, February 03, 2011

Empathy is Logical

Boiling all this material down to basics leads to some very interesting conclusions. It helps when the entire world around you is your laboratory and crucible.

And one of these conclusions is that empathy, in its basics, is completely logical.

Of course, it stems to the point of the Golden Rule, and that comes from the point that we are all connected - Self.

(So of course, everything you do or think makes sense - you are always right and doing the best you can with what you have. Everyone else is, too.)

Now, you have to watch out for some fallacies that creep in.

  • We aren't all harsh and uncaring to allow the "tooth-and-claw" evolution concept to just continue. On this planet, life forms consume life forms - be they animal or vegetable. And buried lifeless bodies are consumed again, in order to free up natural resources for later growth. (The only really weird idea is to try to keep bodies from decomposing - tries to defy the cycle of life.)
  • Also, we don't need that fiction called "government" interfering to make sure everyone has everything. Actually, we already do - and it's in all of our best interest to help the person next to us live better quality lives. 
  • There is no innocence, only non-confront and avoidance. There is Self and there is Now. 

Of course, in knowing this then gives you the option to either accept responsibility for everything around you and work to improve it somehow - or just to say I'm off-the-deep-end-crazy. And go on trying to live your life as a "rugged individual" - with everyone else "out to get you."

You always have Free Will and choice, after all.

What you see around you is the result of your earlier choices based on the data you had to hand.

What you want to improve is based on your empathic understanding of how things could be.

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