Friday, February 11, 2011

It's a puzzle inside a conundrum - but the answer is at your feet

All this universe around us is simply a puzzle that - if we really take the time to sit and listen - we already know the answer to.

Most all of the emotions y0u are experiencing are their simply to make the experience interesting. You put them there, so you should know.

When you strip those away, life becomes a calm, cheerfully expectant situation. Everything opens for you. Everything.

Of course, this is just to help you achieve whatever purpose it is that you've selected to accomplish with this existence.  For most people, this involves helping others with their situations, to achieve their purposes. (Like Carnegie amassed a fortune in steel mills and then put libraries all over the place across America. Gates got his fortune with personal computers and is now spending it to bring literacy to millions and also to solve certain diseases which are also global. The list goes on...)

If I had you in front of me, I could help you answer any of the questions you have about what you are doing, and help you find the tools you need. But this blog is the best substitute for that.

All I can do from here is to simply point out some of these esoteric rationales which lay behind some of the thornier problems we have - and to inspire or motivate you to reach within your own resources to do greater things.

But what you do is, as usual, all just your choice. The results are your responsibility.  And the more you really look at the world around you and listen to your own heart, this becomes less and less of a "burden" and more the joy it's always been.

That is also why I keep sending you all these links - so you can have the tools to find out for yourself exactly what you need to take your next step.

I mean, it's not like I'm writing this from some mystic trance in a cave somewhere in the Himalaya's (with power to keep the battery up on my laptop and some really incredible wi-fi...)

This is coming from an old farm in Missouri.

And yes, you can come visit - it's easy to find with Google Maps.

But the point is that we'd learn from each other and the world would be a better place.

Of course, you knew that already. Because we all know the solution to the puzzles in front of us. Just part of being Self Now.

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