Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Living is just too easy - with Practical Faith

It's simply to easy to live life. Once you have a practically, self-proved reality that you create the world around you.

Now you have to first get rid of all irrational (and rational) fears. With those out of the way, you then can simply live life in the moment, not with the shadow of some formerly impending disaster hanging over your head. Or wanting always to change something in the past - same difference, still a fear and a memory running your life rather than simply acting in the present to improve your life.

(Of course, you get over all these fears with Levenson releasing technique. And the easiest way to do this with by applying the Silva Method.)

After you get this done, then all the various work you can do to reprogram your life (such as Earl Nightingale's "Strangest Secret" program, which just pulls from Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich") - all these programs simply fall into place once you have a "middle ground" from which to stand.

This is really a version of the "middle path" that Buddha recommended. And Zen practices.

Self actualization, per Maslow, is "...freedom from the good opinions of others."

The advice Harv Eker tells his children: "Don't take anything personally."

The universe doesn't tell you what you are, or how much you are worth, or anything at all. Only you can do that for yourself. And as you find yourself out of all the memories stacked around in your mind, you'll find that you are very, very simple. Nothing like you thought, actually.

The point is that you generate your own faith in yourself and what you are all about.

The simple strategy is to drop whatever you're holding onto in the moment. Just accepting it for what it is just as it is. That's the releasing part.

It's nothing to do with thoughts or a quiet mind. That last is simply a by-product of releasing. Trying to discipline your mind into quietude hasn't been the most efficient method found over the years. And a quiet mind isn't particularly a goal, anyway. It just happens when you find Self.

And that's when life becomes easy.

Now, there are some interesting (some say fascinating) things which occur at this point. Pain, it can be observed, is mostly thought and memories. The body is attempting to resolve a problem as best it can. The source of all illness, some say, is emotional stress - which again is a series of conflicting thought-patterns and memories. The outrageous successes you occasionally hear about are simply people who are savvy to a relatively small number (17, I think Napoleon Hill finally narrowed it down to) of success principles. And employing release techniques (and Silva Method) allows these to do their most effective work without the mind interfering.

So that's something to put in your pipe or under your hat for today...

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