Wednesday, February 23, 2011

All Criticism is True

But like that old phrase, one finger points out, the rest point to you.

And this is a very tough pill to swallow, especially for those of use to post our mental meanderings online for the world to see and keep track of.

Everything a person says tells the world what they think about themselves. 

That's the real bottom line.

A politician complaining about the lack of "bipartisan" support means that he's only out for himself. A person saying that another is just (some expletive deleted) is really just condemning himself, as he considers his own self-esteem or self-worth to be low.

What a person says about others never has anything to do with the others in our shared world- it has everything to do with the personal world they are creating for themselves.

Of course, that takes some getting used to.

But follow the logic our oldest philosophers left for us:
  • "As within, so without, as above, so below."
  • "The world is what you think it is."
  • "There are no limits. (We are all connected.)"

So the critical person is practicing separateness - a futile game, but must of us play at it.

What they are wanting is some help with getting their own purpose done. That individual purpose is the only thing which really keeps us separate. Otherwise, we wouldn't exist in this universe. (Yeah, swallow hard.)

Consider, then, that you could rephrase everything you say in terms of "how can I help you so you can help me?"

You major efforts would be to find people with similar life-purposes to you, such that you could join with them (Napoleon Hill and Charles Haanel's "Master Mind" coalition) to accomplish mutual/common/associated purposes.

Life then becomes much, much simpler.

Your duty as you live your life is to simply help others in every way you can, in order to find people who want to help you attain your own purposes.

The highest goal would then be making it possible for everyone to achieve their purposes in a harmonic fashion. We simply need to help people make more and more optimal decisions which help the widest possible amount of people to attain their own purposes.

Of course, this rules out decisions that kill other people. Or other violence.  This is practically a route to world peace.

And you'll find tools like the Internet (which was made to share information broadly) to now be a tool people can use to improve their own lives. We now have frank and open discussions about things that have for a long time been hidden.

Dictocratic rulers are having a rough time now - because they aren't working for the optimal good of everyone around them.

The funny part is that there is a level of mutual abundance we've never approached before. And it's not with hand-outs or welfare, but by re-educating people around us to drop poor mental habits and simply helping everyone they meet open-handedly.

Try this for awhile, and you'll prove the workability for yourself.

The next time you get a critical thought about someone or something, consider how you could help that person, or how you could improve your actions, or how you could better that condition around you.

Sure, this is known as "constructive criticism".

And sometimes, the best thing you can do is just smile, nod, and keep going. The world may already be perfect as it is.

When in doubt, Just Be.

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