Friday, February 25, 2011

What Harv Eker and I are teaching each other

The biggest problem with making spiritual progress is that you are putting something there to release or get rid of. 

That's the old scene that all the "secret end phenomenons" of $cientology had in common - that you are always realizing, with every personal level you pay for, that you just put the stuff there to begin with - and the only reason it's still there is because you say so. That is all there is to the "state of clear", which is just a marketed (proprietary) version of enlightenment, by all descriptions. And as well, the biggest fall-off point of their little set of corporate-cult followers.

Because once you get this completely handled, then you really don't have anything else to operate on. And the guys who buy into their "Advanced Levels" are just spending money on stuff that really isn't there.

But the concept is that if you can sell people on the point that there is something there, then they will "mock it up" in order to then "run it out."

Today I was listening to Harv Eker and finished up his "Millionaire Mind" CD set and started in on his "Peak Potentials" CD. Great stuff, really.

If you've taken my "Freedom Is" lessons, you'll see that I've probably gone a little beyond what he's offering. Simply because after 20+ years in $cientology, and then another decade sorting all self help out with my "Go Thunk Yourself" series, culminating in finding Lester Levenson - there's just not all that much to handle any more.

So when I'm running through all this material, I see that Eker is dealing with the very raw sliver of humanity who just found out that they've been asleep all this time.

Now his material on Millionaire Mind is very useful, since most of us have problems with money in one form or another. And those CD's literally brought me to tears several times. Excited other times, and intrigued mostly - because he's using some very powerful techniques within this - including Levenson releasing.

He goes into mentioning his Zen teacher from time to time, so he's right up there with Alan Watts - where he's working to get people to higher spiritual realms, just using this very common line of money.

This then rolls right up the line, since just about any approach will get you enlightened - if you consider that you can get enlightened at all. That is this "wake up" moment. After that, it's all down hill.

The key point is that when you get over "putting it all there", then there's no reason to release, or "run it out" or anything else you "have" to do to handle it. Again, it's "Just Be, Now." Anything else is additive. And you put it there.

Listing to these CD's gave me the explanation of what I was running into the other night. Something was bothering me. Didn't know what, particularly. So I started working at doing some massive releasing - really big goals. Didn't work. Just made it worse.

So I just plowed on through, a little testy and so on.  Finally, I got to the bottom of it - what I was doing (not thinking or emoting or anything else - doing) didn't align to what I knew I should be. And it was a bit false. Sure I was doing a test of a new online marketing system (and that's where the bells should have gone off) and so I knew it was pretty wild.  I was busy digesting all this new material and figuring out how to apply it and condense it and then I was testing it on some keyword which I knew wasn't going to go anywhere.

But the key point was that it was basically a bit dishonest and scammy. And so it became upsetting. Once I saw that and simply quit it, then I found that things eased off. As I started working on what really did align to my purposes, then all was well and things lightened up.

Now, to be sure, there are still some bad habits lying around that I need to replace and re-orient. Always some work to do there. But the more I DO at things, the more I follow my instincts (inspiration, Divine guidence, etc.) the more things straighten out.  When I get off that thin line, I "feel" lousy.

Having feelings should have alerted me to that to begin with. Because a person can quit those when they get some basic fears released. Get over worrying about death or anything to do with non-survival - recognize that you've always been supplied with anything and everything you really wanted or needed - and then all is well. Worry is just holding two opposed ideas up and deciding not to decide which to choose.

So the bottom line is to quit mocking up problems to run out or release from. They just slow you down.

The simplest advice - Just Be, Now.

Everything else is additive.

Luck to us all.

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