Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why Being a Modern-Day Prophet or Saviour Isn't in the Cards

Now, those of you who have followed this right along will see right through that headline.

It's just not worth the trouble right now - since you'll just play into the hands of those vested interests who are dead set to keep everyone down (although we all know that's not possible.)

What such an action would do would be to raise a very few people up really quickly - for some this is a "miracle" and others it's becoming "enlightened."

And, as I've also covered before, we already have tons of people walking this earth right now which are in that last state and doing just fine.

So the bigger challenge is to get people up to that point instead of making others into "miracle-makers" or doing so ourselves.

Sure, it's completely possible. And anyone could be the next global prophet if they wanted to. It just takes a powerfully, always-on connection to the spiritual and continual faith in that connection. Analytically, I could probably lay out the rest of the steps, and maybe even find earlier authors who wrote that up long ago.

My preference is to live a simple life, with everything that I or those I come into contact with could ever possibly need or want.

And by getting in to entertainment (as contrasted with my over-wound prose in self-help and spiritual training), you'd actually start reaching maybe 20 percent or so and helping them make their lives better in some respect.

That's different than creating "miracles" for less than 1 percent, and meanwhile getting yourself pilloried by the extremists who can't readily accept someone enlightening them.

Entertainment can always be brushed off as "mere entertainment" - but the ideas will stick.

- - - -

With this, I'm slowly forcing myself to drop everything else and simply get into what I feel I should be doing. As far more effective in reaching people with these basic truths.

Just did a scrape of this site today, and found it goes back to 2006 and also said I was trying to get into just cartooning way back then.

(Reason I did the scrape was to see if I can't get this into better formats so you can read it as a book. I've got about three transcripts back there, plus some nice collections of "switchwords" which are buried way back there.  Just drop me a line on how you'd like your book formatted...) And when I get a chance, I'll post these transcripts as pages for your use.

Back to my distractions - some marketing to do today and meanwhile I keep pushing my backburner stuff to the front so we can all benefit.

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