Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Talking to Yourself Helps

You may find that this Golden Rule can be a bit disturbing.

Because whatever you do comes back to you - some schools say it comes back amplified, as 3 to 10 times as much.

Of course, you can get into karma as an explanation for all the "bad" things which happen around you. Or you can also see that these are all simply opportunities to learn and grow (or to make yourself rich.)

Earl Nightingale was my mentor in this area, with his 1950's hit Gold record, "The Strangest Secret". He had a 30-day program which told you essentially to practice non-critical, positive thought for that time period. And if you slipped up, to simply start over for another 30 days.

What he said you'd wind up with was a "cheerful, expectant attitude" where everything could turn out for good - just to the degree you'd let it.

Now, of course, in these days of news media and politicians who only profit by finding controversy, chaos, and cacaphonous catastrophe - it's really sometimes a stretch to even justify the existence of God. Because they consider their job is to fill your life with these contrasts (so that they continue to have you as viewers and they can sell advertising.)

However, it's really just true that what you say, do, and think about all comes back to you.

So as you are critical, you'll fill your life with incoming criticisms. As you continue to think that conspiracies are running this planet, you will continue to find evidence in your personal life that "they" have tried to "done you in" again.

On the other hand, looking for simple pleasures brings more of these into your life. If you love baking cakes, you'll see more enticing recipes to try out. Drive safely and you'll observe that the vast majority of people around you are doing the same. Be courteous and empathetic and you'll find kind, understanding souls are meeting you at all points of life.

You see, the world is what you make it. Those ancient Polynesians were telling the truth.

Napoleon Hill, then Earl Nightingale, and now Bob Proctor just repeat it with their own versions - set to modern music.

The tune is and always has been the same. Only the details (and today's "special offer") have changed. But that's just a different wrapper on the gift - marketing.

So try this today: talk to everyone you meet just as you'd like to be talked to. If you like to be motivated and inspired, then talk only in motivational and inspirational terms. If you want to be amused or entertained, then make someone laugh or help them pass the time enjoyably.

The more you work to simply help others make their own way through life, the more help and ease will happen in your own life.

Just the way things are set up.

Yes, we are talking about responsibility here, but putting a nice face on it.


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