Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All Roads Lead Out

This used to be "all roads lead to Rome" - when they did all the road building.

But since they've left this up to the rest of us, things have seemed to go all over the place.

The research I've been completing recently simply point out that there's another destination that your path and my path and everyone's path seem to follow.

You see, this universe is rigged.

And people can say what they want to about "why they're here" or their raison' de'tre (or something like that). Because while we aren't necessarily here for the same reason, we are all going to accomplish the same thing, eventually.

That one goal is phrased remarkably with all the various wordings our languages are capable of.

Each single goal is, not remarkably, phrased individually and distinctly.

But they all wind up the same place.

You are going to have to word this for yourself, however. Just because that is the way we've set it up.

Here's the input for this logic today (caution - lots of sales pages ahead):

T. Harv Eker, in all his push to get people making money with his millionaire mind intensives, is actually helping people onto their own spiritual path. (Same goes for Bob Proctor.)

Jose Silva, and his children, are pushing a modern Western style of meditation to help people get their foot up.

Burt Goldman, with his "Quantum Jumping" and "American Monk" lessons, is stating the same thing.

Of course, that brings up Levenson-style releasing, whether it's Stephen Seretan or Larry Crane.

There's the great people over at the Shift Network. These guys simply are a forum for all the great courses and seminars about alternative views on health, the environment, and many personal development arenas.

The author of "Hero of a Thousand Faces", Joseph Campbell, found out that all myths and stories tell the same one - of people overcoming challenges and adversity in order to bring back a boon to humanity.

Joe Vitale is working down this line. Holding seminars like he did for the "Zero Limits" material on Ho'oponopono healing from Hawaiian Dr. Hew Len.

Of course, you can go back to simple self help authors as I have in my "Go Thunk Yourself" series - like Earl Nightingale ("Strangest Secret"), Dorothea Brande ("Wake Up and Live!"), Napoleon Hill ("Think and Grow Rich"), and on and on.

But you can also trace back the outrageous successes of any individual on this planet (as Hill did nearly a century ago) and find they all have pieces of the same puzzle. The more they succeeded, the more pieces they put together.

I say to you today, that any path you are on will get you there. And while no two people agree on where they are heading, it is really (all semantics aside) the same "place."

Now I know you can do it by watching videos of your own selection, or even watching TV - if you are working to find the various meanings to the seemingly random shows you are being presented with.

And to those who worry about people "not making it" - let me say this: they will eventually. We all will.

Because we're in this together. Yes, if you've been following this right along, it's because "There are no limits." We are all connected.

Entertainment, which is on the surface the one common reason we all have in being here on this planet and in this universe, will eventually lead us to personal peace beyond understanding, personal freedom way beyond anything any government could affect.

This is written to let you know you're doing just fine and are going to make it.

Myself, I'm taking up cartooning (although I'm finding it's taking a great deal of gear-shifting to turn this boat around), but I'll also be keeping my hand in on this and other blogs to let you know what I find as I do.

Because its entertaining - or at least I try to make it that way.

So whether it's Missouri Grass Fed Beef, Honest Internet Marketing, Best Self Help Books, Becoming an Online Millionaire, or simply Flyover Zone Cartoons - it's all the same. And different.

I hope your life is as interesting. If not - go and help someone open-handedly. Keep that up and you'll make it. Let the value you give exceed the value you recieve - and you'll be on a route which will eventually take you into heights of personal bliss you wouldn't bet were there.

And that's the underlying secret technique which starts it all off. Regardless of the path you choose for yourself and how you describe where your heading, even if you haven't put it into words.

So it looks like you've just hit a home run and are rounding third, heading for home.

The crowds are cheering, your team-mates are waiting. It all just depends on how fast you want to run to get there...

PS. And, as I cover in "Freedom Is" - you may find out there never was anywhere to go to begin with --

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