Monday, January 17, 2011

How that Millionaire Mind is going along...


Splendedly, in all actual fact.

Here's how this stuff works - from a personal perspective.

No, I wasn't able to keep every point in every day.

I was already meditating/reviewing/praying daily, so that's not a problem (doing this last in evening before sleep and first in am as part of dream analysis).

Writing down my goal 15 times a day seemed the hardest. Now I have it at my workspace to be prompted to do it before I fire up the computer and get going.

The daily declarations were finally solved by printing them off and hanging them next to my bathroom mirror - so I can do them along with my daily morning rituals, before leaving.

No, I haven't gotten a card to carry with me per Earl Nightingale. Since my work is all in my home-office, that's redundant. I posted it right above one of my monitors, instead - and started reviewing this every time I came back to the computer.

The only added point I've discovered is an overall plan with daily to-do's which get that done. And of course, this follows Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich.

The results are quite interesting.

What this seemingly laborious point of writing your goal downl 15 times a day really makes you concentrate on that goal. Keeping it in a notebook tells you any days you might have missed - good discipline.

And concentrating on that goal builds a "fire in your belly" for it. Much like Hill's "Burning Desire" from Chapter 2 of his bestseller. It also reminded me of Claude Bristol's "Magic of Believing" where he concentrated on making money by doodling dollar signs every time he was on the phone. The point is to concentrate your attention on that single point. (And this is covered by many, many authors in my "Mystic Marketing" compilation - if you want additional views on this.)

This fired-up goal is added to with the declaration. Yes, you hold your hand over your heart (for metaphysical and spiritual reasons) and point to your head, just as T. Harv Eker says. And this then subtly changes your attitudes toward yourself. Any time you think of lack, you plug in these other statements and start changing that thought to how you could improve your financial scene.

And, as I am a big fan of Levenson's releasing technique, anytime and everytime you notice a non-optimal attitude (thought, feeling, emotion, desire) you simply release everything about it as you go. Sure, stop everything you are doing and just release (don't try this while driving, unless you pull over.) And that particular attitude is gone for good. You may get echoes of it, but that is because everything in your mind is cross-related - so you release other connections as they come up. (Again, check out Seretan's or Larry Crane's versions of this - or just get my "Freedom Is - period" book.)

The summary is that this stuff really works. Now I'm just about 15 days into this and have more than 15 to go. Because one just keeps this up from here on out. After you go 30 days, see how much progress you've made toward that goal. You can adjust the wording of that goal, and you can reorganize your life so that you continue to reinforce your concentration on that goal with even more steps.

But you have to commit to being into this for the long haul. The only reason to stop is when you've got everything possible you could possibly want or need. And the world's population is also in that state. No kidding.

- - - -

Now, that said, the next point to add might be listening to motivational or inspirational messages through the day (for me, this is too distractive and slows my work) but any commuting time you have would be a good point to try. I need to get this into my truck as a CD while I'm driving to check cows or pick up supplies in town...

T. Harv Eker sells CD's of his various presentations. So does Bob Proctor. And there is a ton of speakers at Nightingale-Conant who can do similar for you.

Your life. Your choice.

Thanks for letting me update. Hope it helps you with your life. Leave a comment?

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