Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ultimate Empathy

It's simpler than you think.

And possible to know everything about anything, to have/do/be all you could ever need or want.

Of course this takes practice. (Nothing in life is truly free, until you find it was all along...)

Essentially, you just need to let go of any idea of separateness from anyone or anything else out there. That's just simple releasing (Seretan or Crane versions will do). And it's simpler to just get into an alpha level state (Silva).

You also let go of any necessity for time or space - since these are just arbitrary as well, since we are all connected in the Now.

What you are contacting is that primal force called Love (best explanation is in Haanel).

The formula is: Just Be => Love.

Of course, this is a higher level meditation than just concentrating on your goal every day. But it's a lot of fun. Very refreshing. And when you're there, you'll see all sorts of connections where people actually want to give you the things you want. Yes, your Millionaire Mind is there, even though this sounds a bit like Goldman.

Now I could go on with this for hours, telling you all about the specifics of this, but I'm told you only need the simplicities of it so you can invest yourself in it.

So - have fun. See you around.

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